Kindergarten Registration

Each February, we look forward to beginning the process of registering students for school. In order to begin this process, please visit the TDSB website to check the school designated for your address under the Find Your School link. 

You may also wish to look at some of the TDSB information about Kindergarten at this link:
Toronto District School Board Kindergarten Information

When you are ready to register your child for school, please contact the school office at 416-393-1700 to make an appointment. At the registration appointment, you will complete registration paperwork and have an opportunity to find out more about our school. Here at Norway, we have developed a partnership with the East York East Toronto Family Resource Centre. Their staff join us to provide you with additional information about getting ready for kindergarten and to share information about community-based resources which may be of interest to you. 

Each May, we hold a Welcome to Kindergarten event for the families whose children are registered to start school in the coming fall. We will give you more information about this event when you come to register your child. 

Do not worry if you are reading this later in the year. We continue to register students all through the year. Please call us if you have questions or to find out more information. 

The entry point to Early French Immersion is Junior Kindergarten. Please note that Norway does not have an Early French Immersion Program. You can read more about Early French Immersion here

The entry point for Middle French Immersion is Grade 4. Please note that Norway does not have a Middle French Immersion Program. You can read more about Middle French Immerison here.