Welcome to PV!

Pleasant View Middle School is a vital and exciting place of learning for students, staff, and parents. We transitioned from a Junior High School in September 2017.  Our student population is representative of 38 countries with our students speaking 35 different languages. A large percentage of students have a primary language other than English.  Resource teachers provide assistance for students with special needs in both integrated classrooms and small tutorial settings. Since the school opened as a Junior High School  in 1971, the school and the community have continued to develop a strong partnership that helps students to be successful. Staff and parents work closely to ensure smooth transitions to and from the middle school.

Important Dates 

September 26: Terry Fox Run

September 30: Wacky Hair Day

October 1: Team Jersey Day

October 2: PV Bake Sale

October 4: Patty Lunch Day

October 11: PA Day

October 14: Thanksgiving Day (No School)