COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Computer and Internet Usage

Computer and Internet Usage

In addition to the Information Centre, computers are also available in many of the classrooms. Our students are encouraged to make use of these through the classroom teacher.  Students are advised to obtain and care for their own USB memory sticks in order to be able to save information.

The Internet can be an excellent educational tool for teachers to use with their students. It gives us access to many educational activities and resources, which are appropriate for our students to use. It also allows access to sites, which are not appropriate for the students in our school. Because the safety of our students is our number one priority, all regular school policies and Code of Behaviour apply to students using the Internet.

Students are taught and expected to observe the
following rules:

  • the Internet is for school related assignments only - recreational use is not permitted. Recreational use includes general surfing, playing on-line games, the sending and receiving of email and/or the use of chat rooms, Facebook or YouTube.
  • students must use a web site, which has been approved by the teacher who assigns the work, or work directly with a teacher while doing searches for sites.
  • any site/material that would be deemed inappropriate for students is to be reported to the supervising teacher immediately
  • students are cautioned that everything that they may see, hear or read online may not be true and they are to ask the teacher if they are uncertain if something is fact, fiction or opinion.

Students who do not follow these rules will lose their Internet privileges.