Parent Committees

Parents as Partners - Shared Solutions

Parents at Presteign work very hard to collaborate and support the school.  Behavioural challenges of students does not lie strictly with the school alone. Students exhibit behavioural tendencies well before they arrive to school. If parents don't intervene to remedy the exhibited behaviour it will continue to fester and grow. We know through educational research that early intervention is the best practice. Through long-term neglect and indifference, behaviours that could have been addressed early on are permitted to escalate and intesify. We do our very best to support families in this area, however, our reach as a school is limited. Parents are encouraged to seek outside professional supports through behaviour therapists, consultants that assess and suggest recommendations for how to curb demonstrated behaviours. The school works closely with families to identify triggers, determine what antecedents may be happening or provoking the conditions that are propelling the demonstrated behaviours. Without parental collaboration, our ability to remedy the behaviour can become futile, as it is a triple pronged approach that works in concert together to change and improve behaviour. Staff, students and parents are all stakeholders that must do their part to learn and grow together. Once one component, falters or is uncommitted, the rest of the efforts fall victim to the area that is unsupportive. We must be on the same page to ensure common supports are working and benefiting all.

Please see the slide deck that was created to address aggressive behaviour in students and parents. Shared Solutions

The Caring and Safe Committee is comprised of parent volunteers that are interested in supporting Safe Schools issues as they arise. The committee has addressed past issues of Car and Traffic volume by implementing a Kiss N Ride option for parents to utilize. This has made the pick/ drop off issues at school, more streamlined and safe. Please see attached the communication to parents about how to use our Kiss N Ride. Kiss N Ride instructions  Toronto Parking Enforcement does come periodically to blitz the area as we have many motorists that speed along St. Clair attempting to bypass a busy pedestrian walkway. The committee has also put in a request for zone calming features at the school such as amber flashing light with school zone sign, zebra crossings at all intersections within 200m of the school, electronic watch your speed signs on approach to the school, "school" and Speed limit" markings on the roadway on approach to the school. The committee has addressed the issue of playground use and continues to fundraise for improved playgrounds. The committee has also worked closely with the Toronto Police to ensure that our school property after-hours is patrolled and monitored to ensure any idle interactions occurring anywhere on the property are eliminated. We work consistently and diligently to address any issues that may arise.

The Health and Wellness Committee is comprised of parent volunteers too. They work to support any Mental Health initiatives, supports for students and parents. In the past, we administered a survey to parents to determine what kind of parenting topic they were most interested in. Our parents indicated that they were most interested in Raising Resilient children as a topic of choice. As a result, we will be hosting an evening parent session that provides the information that they need to ensure they are on track to support their children in this day and age. This committee also implemented a snack program for students that require it. It is located in the main office and many students have been benefiting from the opportunity to self-assess and self-regulate when they need food for mental support and energy. Healthy students that aren't well-fed can't learn and concentrate on learning when their bodies require essentials to operate. The committee is also sharing apps that help support students regulating their emotions/ feelings and social development. This is critical to ensure students are shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset that will be resonate with them for life.

As a school we ensure that there is a teacher representative at our parent committees that branch off from our parent council meetings. The developments from these action teams is then taken back to parent council to let them know about recent developments and our school improvement efforts.

If you would like to join an action team or lead one, please contact the Principal with your proposed ideas and interests.