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The Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (SCAS) provides learning opportunities in a quadmestered system for adult learners 18 and over from diverse backgrounds to enter college, university, the workplace, or apprenticeships.  Our staff commits to using strategies and interventions to support students in accumulating credits and skills leading to a high school diploma and personal growth.

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Scaborough Centre for Alternative Studies

720 Midland Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M1K 4C9

Tel:   (416) 396-6921
Fax:  (416) 396-6739
Email: ScarboroughCentre@tdsb.on.ca

Website: www.scasonline.com

We are located 2 Blocks South of Eglinton on Midland Avenue.


Principal: Melissa Spencer

Vice PrincipalAlison Kelsey

School Council Chair

Superintendent: Lisa Dilworth

Trustee: Malika Ghous (Ward 18)