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Welcome to Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies  

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Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (SCAS) provides learning opportunities in a quadmestered system for adult learners 18 and over from diverse backgrounds to enter college, university, the workplace, or apprenticeships.  Our staff commits to using strategies and interventions to support students in accumulating credits and skills leading to a high school diploma and personal growth.


Our school represents a unique opportunity for adult students to learn new skills, develop new ways of thinking and to change direction in life.  Whether you are completing the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, learning English or earning the prerequisites for a post-secondary program, SCAS provides a supportive and encouraging learning environment. 

Classes focus on learning by doing, solving realistic problems and discussing complex issues.  Teachers recognize the life experiences of students and use this knowledge to enhance the curriculum.  Teachers also recognize that learning occurs outside of the classroom and sponsor field trips, clubs and sporting events.  Students are encouraged to become actively engaged in school life.

Congratulations on your decision to consider Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies.  It's the first step to reaching your goal.

Melissa Spencer,