COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project
Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

School of Experiential Education

Re-set. Re-engage.

SEE School is a safe, small, caring community for students who have challenges with engagement, attendance, motivation, achievement or mood. Our supportive staff provides Applied and Workplace curriculum through engaging in-person classes with a focus on personalized hands-on learning and credit recovery.

SEE is a public alternative high school in the North West of Toronto near Islington and Dixon.  We serve students who may have had attendance, mood, academic, conflict, or other challenges that have contributed to them being unsuccessful in the mainstream system.  Many of our students have low credit accumulation, are looking for a fresh start, and would benefit from smaller classes, an arts/health focused school, and a caring community. 

We do continuous intake – which means that we accept students at any point in the school year, and can help recover and finish credits. We can support students who have learning disabilities, some special needs (depending on type and severity) and mood challenges (but we do not provide therapeutic supports at the school).  We are happy to work in partnership with students’ community support workers.

Some students who join the SEE community might have experienced anxiety/depression/illness/trauma - they will find supportive staff, and individualized support here.  For those students that have had challenges with conflict, frustration tolerance, or impulsive behaviours; they will find safety, flexibility and skill building support in our program.  


Continuous intake: students 14-20 can join us at any stage of the year, with any number of credits earned.


Semester 1 September 7, 2021 to February 1, 2023                   

Semester 2  February 3  to June 30, 2023

  • Our unique timetable means shorter classes, more frequent breaks, and many opportunities to re-engage.  Check out the CALENDAR LINK (top left tab).
  • Eight credits per school year plus a strong credit recovery program means students can catch up at their speed.
  • Applied and Workplace courses: our students go on to College bridging programs, trade programs, and the workplace.
  • Earn your high school diploma through our arts and wellness-focused curriculum taught by welcoming, flexible and creative teachers.
  • COOP PROGRAM!  Employment skills training and certifications, resume writing, interview support, and connections to local employment agencies.
  • Social/Emotional Supports: Two Guidance Counselors and a full-time Child and Youth Worker are available every day.  Regular visits by our Itinerant Resource Teacher for special education supports and our Social Worker for crisis counseling.
  • Nutrition Program (COVID: Grab and Go), Chromebooks, and more! 
  • Gym reopens in September, New Leaf Yoga Program running weekly.
  • Community Connections: help to find housing, ID clinics, legal support, food access, health care, and other social services.
  • Please note: SEE usually does not offer Grade 11/12 University-level elective courses.  Our pathways are to College and the Workplace.  

We do have safety, support, a fresh start, and a deep commitment to helping our students earn their credits, connect with our community, and thrive.



Racism is real, entrenched in our systems and structures, and something we need to name and challenge every day.  We want every student at SEE to be powerful, strong, valued and respected. We also recognize that our black students face bias and barriers in our society and schools that are unjust and indefensible.  All staff at SEE are actively engaged in making our school a safe, anti-racist, and welcoming community. We will listen. We will take thoughtful action. We will undoubtedly make mistakes, have awkward conversations, have our ignorance challenged, and have our misconceptions righted. We are learning together in this chaos of grief and hope, as we take action towards equity and justice at SEE and beyond.  We will do better. Black Lives Matter.