Office Staff

Principal (Alt9 main office) Rizwana Jafri
Vice-Principal (Alt9 main office) Michael Gurgol
Office-Administrator Vedrana Curic 
Curriculum Leader (site lead, primary contact)

Kristen Beach    
Direct Phone         (416) 394-6990 x 2
School Cell            (647) 459-3005   
                              *COVID: CALL CELL PLEASE


Caretaking Staff

Chief Caretaker Roop Anged       Work Cell (416) 475-8338


Classroom Teachers

Room 5: Science, Math,
Credit Recovery

Cristina  Banulescu
Room 1: English, 

Lanna MacKay      Work Cell (416) 274-2846
Room 4: Skills and Strategies 

Beverly Lao
Room 9: Art, NAC, Credit Recovery,
Guidance, Special Education

Samantha May       Work Cell (437) 236-3078  
Room 8:  Coop, Student Success

Room 1:  Integrated Arts, Raising Healthy Children, and Personal Life Management

Room 6:  English

Patricia Fogliato    Work Cell (437) 227-8987

Lee Sinnott 

Veronica Fredericks      


Support and Programs

Child and Youth Worker 
Brad Hall     Work Cell (437) 233-3096
Social Worker  Stacey Stevens  
Itinerant Resource Teacher 
(Special Education, IEPs)
Kerry Garnier