Calendar & Timetable

FALL 2024 Schedule

Below is our fall timetable at SEE School. Students are expected to select one course in each block.  Students enrolled in SEE School can view the course selections (click here) for more information



Learn In Person or Online

We are a HYBRID learning environment.  Students are ONLINE in the morning, and IN PERSON in the afternoons at SEE.     Check out our VISUAL TIMETABLE!                 

Students come to school IN PERSON EVERY DAY Monday to Thursday from 12:15 in the afternoon to 3:15 in the afternoon. You will take four full-credit courses this semester during Block A, B, C, and D.   

Friday school is in person from 12-2 pm.  We have staff meetings from 2:15 to 3:15 every Friday afternoon.   

Students can learn virtually and receive packages of work from their teachers and coaching online from 9 to 11 Monday to Friday mornings FROM HOME.  You connect with your teacher in their Google Classroom.  Call the Curriculum Leader for more information at (647) 459-3005. Please note that if you do not attend afternoon classes in person, you will be marked absent. 

We have an amazing staff who can't wait to help you learn, no matter how you connect with us.  Stay healthy!! 


To see the Toronto District School Board calendar for this year, please visit: 

 Google:  TDSB School Year Calendar SECONDARY.