Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021.  

We are so proud of your accomplishments! 

Please click on the video below, with words of support and joy from our staff.  We wish we could hug you in person.  Come back to visit - we would love to hear about your lives and adventures.  If you need help, we are always here. 

We have a swag bag for you of grad gifts, cards from staff, treats, and your very own graduation cap. We would love to see your celebration photos!  Text them and any messages you have for staff to Kristen and Sam at (647) 459-3005 (nothing will be posted online).  

2020 Graduates:

If you graduated last year, your diploma is printed and waiting for you to pick it up at the main office at SEE school at 40 McArthur Street. Call 416 394-6990 to arrange a day and time for you to pick it up - because of COVID we are not there every day! You can also send someone to pick it up for you  - but you need to write a letter that says that you give them permission, sign it, and put your cell number on it. Diplomas cannot be mailed or sent by courier.

2021 Potential Graduates:

If you are going to graduate at the end of June in 2021, your diploma will not be printed or available for pick up until the fall (probably not until November at the earliest!)  We will call you when it is ready for pick up.  Make sure that we have a valid phone number and personal email address before you graduate!  We do have a swag bag for you now, and some cool parting gifts.  Call to arrange for pick up or delivery.

If you have a TDSB laptop, you must return it before you will be given your diploma.  Your TDSB login no longer works once you have graduated, and the computer can’t be used.  You can return it to ANY TDSB school.  Please return it right away!!  We need it for other students to learn, so that they can graduate, too.  

Huge hugs and love from all of us at SEE.  

Wishing you every joy and happiness in the next stage of your journey. 

Graduation Celebration Video


The link looks broken, but it works!  Click on the top right button with the square and the arrow, and then press play.