One of Council’s main activities is fundraising. Our fundraising is used to support meaningful resources for SAB that might not be covered through the school budget. This includes extra technology, funding for teachers to use in classrooms, extracurricular activities, such as Scientists in School, parent workshops and sports equipment, to name just a few.


Due to Covid-19, the types of fundraising and activities we will undertake this year are significantly different. The following options allow you to shop safely from home, while also supporting SAB students.


Tru Earth

  • Browse a variety of eco-friendly products from this Canadian company, best known for its innovative laundry detergent
  • A new product is Tru Earth Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaning Strips, which has recently received Health Canada approval. Just toss a strip in an old spray bottle, add hot water and shake to dissolve!
  • 20% of sales come back to our school


Recipes in a jar

  • These made-in-Canada jars offer quick and easy options to make meals and baked goods
  • They also make great gifts for family and friends
  • Get free shipping on orders of 6 or more OR consider partnering up with another family if you aren't able to make the minimum yourself
  • 1/3 of sales come back to our school


Indigo Flipgive

  • Visit, click Find a Fundraiser in the top left, search for Sir Adam Beck Jr. School or enter Campaign ID 41499 and purchase vouchers to redeem online or give as gifts.
  • 20% of sales come back to our school


Mabel’s Labels

  • Visit and type Sir Adam Beck into the search bar. Search for a variety of labels to help identify your children’s masks, clothing, containers, water bottles, sports gear etc.
  • 20% of sales come back to our school