Subway Academy II

Need School to Work Around Your Life?

You've found the right place! 


Graduate in cap and gownSubway Academy II is the only school in the TDSB that provides an independent study program for folks in Toronto.

We are a small, semestered alternative school offering grade 11 and 12 college, mixed, university and open level courses in the arts, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit studies, humanities, social sciences, English and math.

Subway II works well for students who require a flexible school schedule and are ready to take more responsibility for their learning.

Subway II students attend three days per week and meet one-on-one with our supportive teaching staff to work through curriculum expectations. 

Course work is made available through various online platforms to increase access and provide additional opportunities for success.

We offer a daily morning meal, food to take home for evenings and weekends, and part-time youth work, social work, and special education support.


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