Lunch Information

All of our students eat their lunches in their classrooms.

Our kindergarten children follow this schedule:

Rooms 13 and 14 - 11:00am students go outside for outdoor play and at 11:30am they go inside to eat their lunch.

Rooms 15, 21 and 22 - 11:00am stay inside to eat their lunch, and at 11:30am they go outside for outdoor play.

Grades 1 – 5 students:
All Grade 1 – 5 classes eat in their homerooms. A Lunchroom Supervisor is in each hallway to monitor 5 rooms. Grade 4/5 members of our Leadership Team work in pairs and act as “Lunch Leaders” in each grade 1 – 3 class. The Principal or appointed Chairperson is also on duty during lunchtime.

"Nut Safe" Policy:

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT REMINDER: Wedgewood is a nut safe school. Please ensure that your child never brings nut products to school. We encourage all students to bring a tea towel or placemat to cover their desk area before they remove their lunch items. It is also school policy that food and snacks should not be shared during lunch or snack breaks. For classroom celebrations, we ask families to be diligent about the food they send to school. Thank you for your cooperation.