ECO School Program

Wedgewood JS is proud to be a TDSB GOLD Certified EcoSchool!

TDSB's EcoSchool focus is about caring for and protecting the environment where our children spend so many hours every week.
It includes initiatives such as:

  • Learning about our environment and human impact on the environment through ecological literacy
  • Recycling in the classrooms and the lunchroom
  • Reducing garbage with our Litterless Snack and Lunch programs
  • Introducing the Green Bin program in our lunchroom. (Parent volunteers take the green bins home for curbside pick-up.)
  • Reducing energy consumption by turning out lights in rooms when they are not in use
  • Purchasing green products such as paper made from 100% recycled products and environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Using both sides of the paper and using left-over scrap paper for crafts
  • Feeding the birds
  • Greening our school grounds with 10 new trees in 2010
  • Planting pollinator, sensory and friendship gardens
  • Mulching and watering our trees and gardens
  • Composting our garden waste and leaves

At Wedgewood, our EcoSchool Team includes the Principal, caretaker, teachers, office staff, parents and students.

Every year we need to continue our efforts and re-apply for EcoSchool Certification. Everyone in our school community is an important part of this process. This year think green! Try creating a walking school bus and walk to school with friends and neighbours - even just once a week makes a difference. At home you and your child can practice turning off the water when brushing your teeth, turning off the lights and TV when they are not in use, using reusable shopping bags when you shop and recycling too.

For more information about the TDSB EcoSchools program you can visit