30 November, 2020


Grade 8 Open House Website is Live!

On Wednesday, November 25th WHCI hosted our first fully online Grade 8 Open House. We have posted the recording of the meeting, along with all of the videos and presesentations and quite a few extras on our WHCI Grade 8 Open House Website. Please visit, share and connect with us if you have any questions.


New Attendance Procedure

The TDSB has mandated that teachers take attendance for students who are on their at-home asynchronous mornings in addition to their 2pm synchronous class and the in-person classes.  Each teacher will be sharing with students how attendance will be taken—it could be filling out a form, answering a question in their Google Classroom stream, logging into their Brightspace class or any number of other ways that the teacher will decide and communicate to their class.  Students will be responsible for completing the task by 9am.  In doing this the teacher will know that students are engaged in the school work that they have assigned for the morning. Teachers will be submitting the attendance to the office by 9:20am and our usual safe arrival phone calls will begin.

As a parent/guardian if you receive an automated absence phone call on a morning when your child is at home, it signifies that your child did not check in with their teacher by 9am. Please understand that this policy is outside of our control at the school level.

Stay Connected!

To stay connected with all the other great things happening at WHCI this year, be sure to add our Google Calendar to your profile by clicking the '+' on the calendar in the 'Upcoming Events' section on the right side of this page. You can also just bookmark this page and see the calendar anytime you like!