18 January, 2021

Daily Schedule & Attendance

There have been many changes to the daily schedule for students over the last few months, which have created confusion. To put things as simply as possible, students will be engaging in learning every day starting at 8:45am and 2:00pm. Regardless of whether the student is registered for in-person learning, joining the class synchronously (live, but online) or being given asynchronous work, attendance is taken every day by 9:00am and 2:15pm. If you receive a call about an absence or a late arrival it is because the student either did not attend the class or arrived late. Please take these calls seriously and address the attendance issue as soon as possible.

Course Selection

This week began our course selection process with our Course Selection Assemblies. Students and their families are strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the information being shared about the many options available and to ask questions of teachers, guidance counsellors and administrators. There will be Q&A opportunities provided for students next week and final submissions on MyBlueprint must be completed by February 25th.

Stay Connected!

To stay connected with all the other great things happening at WHCI this year, be sure to add our Google Calendar to your profile by clicking the '+' on the calendar in the 'Upcoming Events' section on the right side of this page. You can also just bookmark this page and see the calendar anytime you like!