West Humber Athletics

ACL: Ms. A. Skinner   

Viking helmet on different sports equipmentOur school offers over 20 teams which compete in the Toronto West Region for both girls and boys. We also have a wide range of intramural sports in which students can get involved with during the lunch hour. If you are a serious athlete or just looking to stay fit and be active there are many opportunities waiting for you here at West Humber Collegiate!
WHCI Athletics is also home to the West Humber Athletic Council (WHAC). Each year the council has fifteen leadership positions available. Being involved in leadership builds self-confidence and helps set up students for success in the future. Whether applying for your first part time job or applying for University, leadership is a valuable, sought after skill.

Why should you get involved in athletics?

Staying active will keep you healthy, it reduces stress and helps you focus. Many successful companies have gyms available in the workplace or will subsidize your membership to a private gym. They value healthy employees who will be productive. The same is true for students who want to be productive and successful at school.

WHCI Teams