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Jackman Avenue Public School

Welcome to Jackman Avenue Junior Public School

Community Consultation for Jackman Field of Dreams School Yard Enhancement Plan

June 15 at 7 PM

Grade 6 Graduation

June 28 at 6:30 PM

Upcoming Events for June

Coming up in June, we want to highlight a few events on the calendar.

  • June 13 – Track & Field City Finals at Birchmount Stadium

  • June 15 – Community Consultation for Jackman Field of Dreams plan at 7pm

  • June 20 – Jump Rope for Heart event

  • June 21 – Character Trait Assembly – Perseverance

  • June 21 -  Final Pizza Lunch/Spirit Wear Day

  • June 22 -  Teacher Appreciation Lunch

  • June 28 – Grade 6 Graduation in GPR 6:30 PM

  • June 29 – Term 2 Report Cards go home

  • June 29 – Grade 6 Appreciation Clap-Out 2:30 PM

  • June 29 – Last Day of School – Have a Great Summer!

  • June 30 – PA Day Staff Work on School Improvement Planning Next Year

Marvelous Month of May at Jackman!

We had a very busy month, with many special events and so much great learning in our classrooms. From the Spring Fair, to Track and Field, there were opportunities for our students to learn, explore, achieve success, and have fun with friends and family.

Massey Hall Performance

The month began with our Junior Choir participating in the 131st Annual TDSB Spring Concert at Massey Hall. Our students participated as a part of the Mass Choir, singing several songs alongside several other schools from across the city. The sounds of their voices in unison filled our hearts and made us very proud of their hard work and commitment as members of our Junior Choir.  Special thanks to Ms. Lloyd for her hard work throughout the year with the choir and to Ms. Singh for her ongoing support.

Track & Field

Our Track and Field Team, with lead coaches Mr. Katsuras and Mr. Webbe, along with support from Mr. Uy, participated in the South Area Qualifier Meet at Birchmount Stadium on May 4th. It was a cool and rainy day, and our students persevered through the day to demonstrate true Jackman Jaguar’s spirit and determination. Many of our students succeeded in qualifying for individual and team events to be held at the Conference Qualifier meet, Taking place on June 7th, with the goal to make it to the City Finals on June 13th. Thank you to all of our teachers who volunteered to coach individual events in preparation for the meet. Way to go Jackman Jaguars!


Jackman’s Got Talent – talented dancers, who shared their great moves at our first Dance-A-Thon on May 5th. Professor Jamz brought a great collection of dance tunes and enchanting lights, creating a space for creative movement by our students, while they had fun with your friends and classmates. Even our staff got down and showed their dancing skills! Thank you to our wonderful Parent Council for sponsoring the event, and to Theodora Rowlands for organizing.  A very special thank you to all of our students and their families for their donations to this fundraising initiative, it was a great success. Funds collected will be used by the Parent Council to enhance programming at Jackman.

Enhancing Equity Ward Forum

On May 9th, Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Papadopoulos attended the Enhancing Equity Ward Forum with our Parent Council Equity Committee co-chairs, Astrid Jaques and Lisa Farun. Along with all the schools in the ward, superintendents, and trustees, we engaged in a discussion about Equity in the TDSB. Our goal at Jackman is to continue to develop and deepen our practices at our school to create a safe and inclusive school community, where all of our students and families have a sense of belonging and wellness. From the TDSB Equity Foundation Statement,  “(w)e believe that equity of opportunity, and equity of access to our programs, services and resources are critical to the achievement of successful outcomes for all those whom we serve, and for those who serve our school system … The Board is therefore committed to ensuring that fairness, equity, and inclusion are essential principles of our school system and are integrated into all our policies, programs, operations, and practices.” With our staff, we have established an Equity and Inclusive Schools Committee at Jackman to facilitate our work in embedding the principles of Equity into our classroom programs and all that we do at our school. The committee’s work will focus on classroom practices, understanding our biases and the barriers faced by our students and families, ensuring our resources reflect our diversity, supporting mental health and well-being, developing student voice, and creating a welcoming school environment. To learn more about the TDSB Equity Framework, please visit

School Improvement Plan

On May 11th, our school Leadership Team met for the day to develop our School Improvement Plan. We reflected on the professional learning that has taken place over the year (implementing math journals, examining math problem solving skills, a balanced math approach, and broadening our classroom practices to further support learning skills and work habits with our students), and mapped out a plan for next year to continue to our work to provide excellence in teaching and learning. Our plan moving forward includes our continued work in Math, as well as supporting our guided reading practices (small group work in classrooms that support students’ use of reading and comprehension strategies) and our work to embed Equity within our programs and learning environment (build on our use of rich resources to create opportunities for critical thinking around issues of social justice, supporting student self-regulation, building our character trait program, and implementing a mindfulness framework to support student well-being). The plan was shared with staff, and they will spend professional learning time in June to work on program planning for next year, focused on our School Improvement Plan. With these steps in place, we will be best suited to identify the resources and continued professional learning opportunities required to ensure our teaching and learning goals achieve successful outcomes for our students.

Folk Fest

Jackman continued with its long tradition of participation in the Annual TDSB FolkFest, held on May 16 at East York Collegiate Institute. Our students practiced a wide range of folk dances, meeting weekly since January, with the support and guidance of Mr. Selberg, Ms. Cheng,  Ms. Csamer, and Ms. Maric-Jones. We thank our staff for all their efforts and ongoing commitment to this fun and engaging extracurricular activity. This special event, with many schools in participation, combines the the joy of cultural dances, community performance, and expressions of dance and movement for our students. The final number invited all the attending family and friends to join in for a grand finale!

Grade 1-6 Concert Series

Our Grades 1-6 Concert Series had their final arts concert of the year on May 17. Students worked hard to learn the lyrics and choreography for their classroom performance piece(s), and they were proud to perform in front of family and friends. Our Junior Choir also performed their repertoire of songs that they learned as a part of the Mass Choir at Massey Hall. It was a great night in celebration of the arts. A special thanks to Ms. Lloyd, Ms. Singh, and Mme. Smith for the work and organization.

Class Placements

As we begin the process of ending another successful year of learning and growing together at Jackman, our teachers, along with Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Papadopoulos, met to work through class placements for next year. This process is done with great care and consideration, and each child is placed thoughtfully within the school model (our make-up of grade classrooms at the school) that was approved for next year. It is very important to note that classroom placements are always subject to change due to enrollment changes and staffing changes. Classroom placements will be shared on the Term 2 report card, which will go home on the last day of school, June 29. We have a wonderful team of dedicated professional educators at Jackman, and all of our students will flourish in their classrooms as they engage in a new year of learning with a new cohort of classmates next year. Please note that there can be no changes to class placements at this time.

Primary and Junior EQAO Assessments

Our students have completed their Primary and Junior EQAO Assessment tasks. These tasks capture a snapshot of our students learning, and the results are used to help guide our work as a school to focus our professional learning and areas for improvement. Our school’s results are shared by EQAO in September, and we will be presenting these in an evening event in the early part of the new school year. If your child participated in completing these assessments, individual results will be sent home in October. For more information about EQAO and these assessments, please visit

Welcome to Kindergarten

We welcomed our newest students to Jackman on May 25th at our evening Welcome to Kindergarten Information session. We currently have 90 new Junior Kindergarten students joining us next year, and we presented information to help families prepare for the transition to Full Day Kindergarten at Jackman and how to establish school routines to set up our littlest learners for a great start to their journey as learners in school!  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet our new students and families, and we are very excited to having them join us in September. Classroom assignments for our new JKs will be sent home at the end of June.

Spring Fair

We had another great Jackman Spring Fair on May 27th. The weather cooperated and we avoided the rain to make for a fun day for students and families. There were bouncy castles, zorba balls, tasty food, baked goods, a dunk tank, zoocanicals, carnival games, used toy an book sale, fresh lemonade, popcorn and cotton candy, a parent café lounge, a talent show, music, karaoke, photo booth, games, face painting and a great crowd of students and families having fun. Thank you t our wonderful Parent Council and the Fundraising Committee for all their hard work and organization to put together the great day and raise funds for future school program enhancement initiatives. A huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who worked tirelessly to pull it all together – it was a super fun day; Liz West , Paola Gomez, Nahuel Arruda-Starzenski, Sara O'Neill, Maria Voutsinas, Theodora Rowlands, Jen Proos, Lisa Farun , Astrid Jacques,  Jeannine Bourgon, Lisa Milne , Angela Pyle, Jeremy Gibbs, Melanie Carino, Daryl Watson, Cissy Ho, Deirdre Fernandes, Chris Robertson.

Bike to School Week

What a great week for biking. We participated in the Bike to School week with great success. Many of our students were able to get out on their bike, scooter, skateboard, or walk to school to make a positive impact of our environment and support physical activity. Thank you to our Eco Team of students and staff who put the week together, with special thanks to Mr. Cressman, Ms. Csamer, and Mme. Pace for coordinating all the fun and encouraging activities.

Character Trait Assembly

We held our Character Trait Assembly on May 29 to recognize our students’ efforts to demonstrate Integrity. We are very proud of our students’ commitment to demonstrating their character, and look forward to continuing this recognition practice next year. As a part of our school improvement plan, we will be including character trait development within our classroom program content. Congratulations to all our award recepients; Bobbie K., Sarah C., Anna J., Eli B., Ian M., Gaelle S-G., Ana Sophia G-L., Nolan E., Clara, Landin, Carys T., Chloe H., Hank B., Pavle B., Jackson, Julia, Aidan W., Clementine H., Shaugnessy P., Stevie M., Maya C., Chelsea F., Georgia R., Constantine L., Fiona M., Joshua C., Sage O., Rachael W-G., Theo A., Lauren M., Travis C., Micaela S., Niko E., Evan D., Jet F., Amy, Andrew F., Vasilis E., Livvy H., Athan H., Han-Li D., Isabella K.

Kindergarten Concert

What a show! Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten students performed to a packed house at our end-of-year Kindergarten Arts Concert, held on May 31 in our GPR. The show, filled with song, dance, and musicality, was a joyous celebration filled with pride and accomplishment. We are so proud of all our students, and the work they have done to prepare for the concert and their year of learning. A very special thank you to all of our teachers and early childhood educators who worked hard to put together the great student performances and to Ms. Singh for assisting.            

Volunteer Tea

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our wonderful parent and family volunteers who gave their time, expertise, and support throughout the school year. We celebrated our volunteers at our annual Volunteer Tea on June 1st. So many volunteers gave in so many ways; with our monthly Pizza Lunches, our PALS reading program, sharing your knowledge and experiences with our students in classrooms, assisting at special events, supporting field trips, setting up Movie Nights, participating on our Parent Council, sifting through and organizing the Lost and Found, making maple syrup, baking treats and chili, organizing fundraisers, harvest festivals and fun fairs, and helping out in so many ways. We simply couldn’t do all the great things that happen that make Jackman a great place to learn and grow for our students without you. You are invaluable in all that you do to make Jackman great! Sincerest thanks on behalf of all the staff and students at Jackman. 

Pizza Lunch Dates 2016/17

Our final Pizza Lunch of the year on June 21. Remember to wear your Spirit Wear or Spirit colours (gold and black) on Pizza Lunch Days!

Upcoming Events

June 7 - South Area Track & Field Meet

June 9 - PA Day (no classes)

June 12 - Grade 6 Group Graduation Photo

June 13 - City Finals Track & Field

June 21 - Pizza Lunch/Spirit Wear Day

June 21 - Character Trait Assembly for Perseverance

June 29 - Last Day of School Assembly

June 29 - Term 2 Report Cards Go Home

June 29 - Last Day of School for Students

June 30 - PA Day

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