French Immersion

French Immersion

What is Early French Immersion?

Early French Immersion programs are designed for students who do not speak French at home. The Early French Immersion program provides the maximum French language experience available in our schools.

Early French Immersion begins in Senior Kindergarten. All class activities are conducted in French until the end of Grade 3, although some specialist subjects like Physical Education may be taught in English.

English is introduced in Grade 4 for about one hour per day and increases to half of the daily class time by Grade 6.

After Grade 8, students continue the French Immersion program at designated secondary schools. Students who successfully complete a minimum of 10 credits in French at the secondary school level are eligible for a Certificate of Bilingual Studies in French.

Please visit the following website to search for French Immersion schools in your area

Applications for the Early French Immersion Program are completed online. All communication will be sent via the email address you provide. Please check this email regularly. On-time applicants will be offered a placement online via the email address you have provided. You must take action to accept this placement by the deadline requested when you are offered a placement.

Please note while every effort will be made to place students in the school identified as their area Early French Immersion school, this is not always possible. In cases where the number of applications in a given area is greater than the number of spaces in the school, students may be redirected to schools with available space.

Applicants who have older siblings currently enrolled in the program and who will be in attendance the following year have a priority placement in the school.

Classes with fewer than 25 students may not open.

Students leaving the Early French Immersion program will be required to return to their local school for the English program as determined by home address or apply for Optional Attendance in any English program school.