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Kindergarten and School-Age Before-and After-School Programs

March 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Beginning in September 2017, all schools must offer a Before-and/or After School Program for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6, where there is sufficient demand.

At Jackman Public School the programs for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students are offered by Jackman Community Daycare, a third party Licensed Child Care Program.

Transportation to and from any before- and after-school program is not provided and will be the responsibility of parents/guardians.

The Child Care Program provider at Jackman Public School is Jackman Community Daycare.

Please contact Karen Anthony at jackmandaycare@bellnet.ca  for more information or the daycare’s website at jackmancommunitydaycare@bellnet.ca to complete an application.

Interested families are required to register directly with the Child Care Program at our school for September 2017. Please note spaces are limited.

If your family is currently receiving a child care subsidy, you will be able to keep your subsidy for the before- and after-school programs. The City of Toronto oversees fee subsidy. For information regarding a subsidy please visit the City’s website at www.toronto.ca/children or you may call 416-392-5437.

If you have any questions, please contact our school office.

Jackman Community Daycare

Daycare Waiting List Procedures

We strongly encourage anyone who thinks their child may in the future need a space in our Daycare to fill out an application and put their child's name on the waiting list. Most families put their child's name on our waiting list many years in advance, often right after birth. There is a $20 dollar application fee, payable at the time of application. This fee is waived for families on subsidy or reimbursed to families on subsidy on the date their child is offered a spot in the daycare. To apply for subsidy, contact the City of Toronto’s Children’s Services division by calling 311 or going to their website at www.toronto.ca/children
The Daycare management believes that strict adherence to a first-come, first-served policy is the only fair and equitable process.
Please note that because the demand for Daycare spaces is generally greater than the number of spaces available, we maintain a waiting list for each birth year. There are separate applications and procedures for the Nursery School program and the Daycare programs.
There is a $20 non-refundable administration fee to stay on the waiting list after declining a Daycare spot. If a family declines to accept a spot when offered, but wishes to keep their child's application on the waiting list, a $20 administration fee will be charged and their application will be placed at the bottom of the list. If the administration fee is not received within 15 days of the spot being declined, the child's application will be taken off the list and it will be up to the family to submit a new application. From time to time the Director may request the Board of Directors of Jackman Community Daycare to approve an exception to the policy for programming needs or unforeseen circumstances.

Lunch Caterer

Our lunch caterer is Halpert Catering. All Preschool children are provided a catered lunch. Children in our School Age and ACC rooms may choose the catered option or bring a lunch from home. Our JK and SK B & A rooms are served catered lunch on PA days and school breaks. You can find out more about Halpert Catering as well as view menus on their website at: www.halpertcatering.com

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