Special Education

Special Education

The goal of special education is to enable all of our students to reach their full potential within the context of their community. TDSB special education supports and services are available to students and their families through their local school. The TDSB believes in serving students in their community school whenever possible. The range and type of support is determined by the level of strengths and needs of the student. How to Receive Special Education Support

Your first contact regarding the special needs of your child is with your child`s teacher and principal. Special education support is often initiated through your school. You will be involved in a discussion at the school to determine the type and range of supports your child needs. You or the school may ask for an Identification, Placement and Review Committee Meeting (IPRC). This committee, in discussion with you and your school, may recommend a more intensive level of support. All decisions regarding special education supports are made in consultation with parents.

Contact Us

For more information regarding specific programs please contact your local school or the Special Education Office in your area:

  • South East: 416-396-7968
  • North East: 416-396-9003
  • South West: 416-394-3763
  • North West: 416-394-7406

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education provides excellent on-line information about Special Education. Please click on the title to connect to the site.