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Jackman Avenue Public School

Welcome to Jackman Avenue Junior Public School

Mark Your Calendar

Jackman Spring Fair Coming May 27

Movie Night

June 2 @ 7 p.m.

Classroom Model for 2017/2018 and Class Placement Letters

Our school model has been approved for the 2017/18 school year. This model is based on projected enrolments for the school year, and is subject to change based on actual enrolments. Our projected enrolment for next year is 679 students. 

Regular Program Primary

Regular Program Junior

French Immersion Primary

French Immersion



Gr 3/4


Gr 3/4


Gr 4


Gr 4


Gr 4/5

Gr 1A

Gr 5


Gr 5/6

Gr 1B

GR 6


Gr 5/6

Gr 1/2


Gr 1A


Gr 2


Gr 1B


Gr 2/3


Gr 1/2


Gr 3


Gr 2




Gr 2/3




Gr 3




Gr 3/4





Starting mid-May, our classroom teachers, support staff, and administrators begin the process of class placements for next year. This is a very thoughtful process, and we take great care to construct each classroom so that it is balanced, based on a variety of criteria such as gender, levels, learning styles, and social/emotional needs. We also have to work within the structure of the school model (see above), recognizing that at times they are more/less grade placement options for students (e.g. we have 3 classes to place either Grade 1 Regular and French Immersion students, but only one class to place students in Grade 6 FI). Parent letters may also be taken into consideration, but it is very important to note that a letter, while considered, is not a guarantee of placement based on the parent request. If you wish to submit a placement letter for consideration, please email it to or All letters are due no later than May 5, 2017.  A placement letter can outline the type of learner your child is, friendships, and learning environments. Please do not indicate a specific teacher by name in your letter, as the letter would not be considered.   

Spring Concerts – May 17th & 31st 

We have two final concerts for the 2016/17 school year. Our first concert, to be held on May 17th, starting at 6:30 PM, includes the following classrooms performing: Rm 202 (Mme. Alwis), Rm 204 (Mme. Alcestis), Rm 205 (Ms. Maric-Jones), Rm 209 (Mr. Cressman), Rm 303 (Ms. Mohammed), Rm 310 (Mr. Zedzian), Rm 313 (Ms. Tvrdy/Sindholt), Portable 1 (Ms. Csamer), and our Junior Choir. 

All of our Kindergarten classes perform in our final concert of the year, to be held on May 31st at 2:00PM in the GPR. Our teachers, Mr. Recke, Ms. Arnone-Dimondo, Mr. Mccullough, Ms. Motala, Mme. Fournier, Ms. Douzenis, and Mme. Rankin, along with their Designated Early Childhood Educators, Ms. Kiriakidis, Mr. Uy, Ms. Pasalis, Mme Magat, Ms, Mohammed, and Mme Barret, are excited to have the students perform and celebrate the Arts. With all of our Kindergarten students performing at the final concert, we ask that families limit their attendance to a maximum of 2 adults. Child-minding will be available. 

EQAO Begins - May 23

Our Grade 3 and 6 students will spend time this month completing the EQAO Primary and Junior Assessments, beginning May 23. These one-time assessments are part of a broad range of assessments we use to understand out students strengths and areas of need. Classroom teachers use assessment for, of and as learning on a regular basis in their classroom programs, and information gathered from these is used to inform decisions on lesson design and next steps in the learning process. The EQAO assessments provide a snap shot of our students learning in the areas of Math, Reading and Writing, and we use these results to help inform our school improvement planning process. In this process, we establish learning goals as a staff, and work collaboratively on aligning resources and best practices to increase student achievement and well-being. Results from the EQAO Assessments are shared with the school and families in September 2017. We ask that families refrain from maing appointments for their child during the EQAO assessment process, as we must met prescribed timelines

Jackman Daycare Summer Camp

Jackman Community Daycare operates a licensed summer camp for children going into grades 1-6 in September.  The program is a mix of trips, swimming, arts & crafts, sports, organized games and other engaging activities. The groups are supervised by Registered Early Childhood Educators and experienced assistants who work in the daycare year-round.  The cost is $300/week. Camp is open from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM and there is no additional fee for these extended hours.

Registration for the community will open on April 1st and space is available on a first come, first serve basis.  To see the camp brochures and to register for camp, please check out the daycare’s website:

Elementary Summer School

Elementary summer programs are tailored to increase engagement and build self-confidence in our students. This summer, we are opening schools across the city to offer an engaging curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. These locally driven programs support students to build literacy and numeracy skills through a creative curriculum that can include elements technology, physical fitness, art, music and drama.

Please visit the URL below for more information on Summer School programs and their locations.

Kindergarten Registration Information

Junior Kindergarten

If your child will be four by December 31, 2017, he or she can start Junior Kindergarten in September 2017.

Senior Kindergarten

If your child will be five by December 31, 2017, he or she can start Senior Kindergarten in September 2017.

How to Register

Registration for all TDSB Kindergarten programs begins in February. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child!

Step 1 - Find your local school.

Step 2 - Contact your local school and make sure you have the following documents.

·        Proof of age (birth certificate or passport)

·        Proof of address (two pieces of identification that show your address, such as a residential phone bill)

·        Proof of immunization (the card that shows a list of needles your child has received)

·        Verification of date of arrival, if your child was not born in Canada. Families who are permanent residents and refugee claimants may register directly at the school. Children without immigration status are welcome in our schools and information about them or their families will not be shared with immigration authorities. To register, please visit the International Programs and Admissions Office at 5050 Yonge Street, on the main floor, for a TDSB school admission letter.

Please note: only parents or legal guardians can register a child for TDSB programs. To learn more about Kindergarten, visit the TDSB’s webpage at:

24 Hr. SAFE ARRIVAL PHONE NUMBER: 416-393-9715


Full Day Kindergarten (JK & SK) and Senior Kindergarten French Immersion

9:00 - 3:15 (school yard supervised 15 minutes before and after program)

Grades 1-6 Regular and French Immersion programs

8:50 - 3:30 (school yard supervised 15 minutes before and after program)

Pizza Lunch Dates 2016/17

May 24

June 21

Upcoming Events

FolkFest Dance Celebration - May 16

Spring Concert - May 17

City of Toronto Compost Drop-Off - May 20

EQAO Begins May 23

Welcome to Kindergarten Night - May 25

Spring Fair - May 27

Kindergarten Daytime Concert - May 31


Join School Council!

Our school is looking for parent volunteers to join our Parent School Council.  Help make a difference at your child's school.  Join us at the next School Council meeting.

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