About Our School

Agincourt Collegiate Institute (GR. 09-12)

Agincourt Collegiate Institute's school motto is:
AD OMNIA PARATUS "Prepared for All Things"
At Agincourt Collegiate Institute, an experienced and dedicated staff and a responsive student body contribute to the achievement of high standards in both curricular and extra-curricular programs.  Students are encouraged to be caring, appreciative and accepting of each other's shared aspirations as well as cultural differences. Students have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities such as athletics, clubs, music ensembles, student leadership councils and student mentoring programs. Parents, staff and students work together to build a safe and caring environment and to foster pride in our ACI traditions.
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Phone:(416) 396-6675
Fax:(416) 396-6714
Address:2621 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON, M1S 1R6
Principal:David Fewson
Vice-Principal(s):Fermer Santos
Praveena Sivarajah
Office Staff:Linda Venning
School Council Chair(s):Briggs Reuben
Superintendent:Monday Gala
Learning Network:LN14
Trustee:Yalini Rajakulasingam
Ward:Ward 21