Library Resource Centre

The Burnhamthorpe's Library is located on the first floor of the school.
Click here to go to the Library website.

The Burnhamthorpe Library is open Monday to Friday from 9:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

The Library provides the following services:

  • Information (including electronic) resources
  • Computers 
  • Printing is available (Monochrome at 25 cents and Colour at 50 cents per page)
  • Coin-operated photocopier
  • Internet

The following resources are available for loan:

  • Books
  • DVD’s/Videos
  • Magazines

Students are expected to act in a responsible manner with consideration for other patrons when they are in the Library. Please note the following Library rules:

Students must have a BCI/BCALC ID card for any sign-outs and for computer use.
All computers in the Library are connected to the Internet. Inappropriate use of the Internet will not be tolerated. It is to be used for school-based assignments only. For more details, please review the Code of Online Conduct.
Audio is permitted with headphones only.

Books and audio cassettes may be signed out for a two weeks period, DVDs and Videos may be signed out for 1 day only. There is an overdue charge of 10¢ per day per library book and $1.00 per DVD or video per day. Students are responsible for lost materials and will have to replace lost items at cost.

ALL Library books must be returned the last week of classes in each quadmester.