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Daily Health Screening Tool

Friday, September 3, 2021

Before coming to school or an administration building each day, all students must conduct an active student health screening self-assessment and all staff must conduct an active adult health screening self-assessment.

Learn more about next steps using the Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Decision Guide

If, based on your answers you are clear to come to school/work, please record the information daily in one of the following ways, which will allow you to enter to your school or administration building:

Health Screening Paper Pass

Health Screening Application

To use the app, please note:

  • Parents/guardians are to use their child’s student account information to login to the Health Screening App. 
  • If you don’t know your child's student account information, please contact IT Services Support via Student Password / Device Help
  • If you don’t know your child’s student account information or cannot access it, please feel free to use the Health Screening Paper Pass
  • For a step-by-step guide, please refer to How to Use the Health Screening App

Once students and staff arrive at school or an administration building, enter through the designated doors where a staff member will verify your health screening information.

Simply show the staff member either your signed Health Pass, or, if you used the Health Screening App, show your QR code or provide your name for verification. Then, sanitize your hands, take a mask if necessary and continue to your classroom or work area.

If you were unable to record your active health screening at-home or forgot to:

  • Elementary students will be asked if they are feeling well:
    • If the answer is yes, they will be allowed to go into the classroom with a mask/face covering on and maintaining physical distancing, the staff member at the door will note their name and the parent/guardian will be contacted to conduct the full assessment by phone.
    • If they say no, they will be sent to the Wellness Room and their parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • Secondary students will be asked to complete a self-assessment on site and can sign the TDSB Student Health Pass.


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