Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I...?

While no means complete, below are some of the questions we hear quite often in Student Services.
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How do I make an appointment to see my guidance counsellor?

You will need to complete a Student Services Appointment Slip and leave it in the letter tray sitting on the table as your enter room 205.
Your Guidance Counsellor will pick an appointment time and return the slip to your Home Form teacher who will pass it along to you. If you have a period 1 spare, please make sure you write down the name of your period 2 teacher.

How do I know which Guidance Counsellor has been assigned to me?

Visit our Student Services Overview page for this information as well as email address and telephone number.

How do I graduate if I don't pass the Ontario Literacy Test?

OLC4O1 is a course, which, if passed, will satisfy the literacy requirement and counts as one of the thirty credits need to graduate.

How do I submit completed community involvement (aka volunteer) hours?

Print out a copy of the Community Involvement Passport (or pick up one in room 205) and fill in the blank sections. Before dropping off the form to your Guidance Counsellor please make copy for your own records.

How do I know what course I can take here at Central Tech?

Our Course Selection Sheet lists all of the courses available at Central Tech.

How do I find out detailed information about the courses available at Central Tech?

Each grade has its own Course Calendar booklet published. Inside each booklet you will find a course description as well as prerequisite information. Electronic copies are available on the grade specific pages; Visit the During High School pages to get started.

How do I go about changing a course?

All students are required to complete a Course Change Request form. If you are under the age of 18 your parent or guarding must sign the form. Hard copies of this form can be obtained in the Student Services office – room 205.
During the first week of each semester, a day is assigned to each grade for timetable changes. On this day, you are required to arrive before 8:30am with a completed Course Change Request form to room 210 where you will be given a ticket. During that same day, listen carefully over the PA for your number to be called. For course changes during the second week of class, you will need to make an appointment to see your Guidance Counsellor.
Please note that timetable changes are only permitted during the first two weeks of each semester. Also, you are permitted to change courses, not teachers.

How do I drop a course?

In order to drop a course, you must:
Be over 16 years of age.
Have more than 20 credits.
Have permission from parent/guardian (if under the age of 18), subject teacher, the vice-principal, and the guidance counsellor.
If you wish to drop a course before the full-disclosure deadline (usually in November for Semester 1 and in April for Semester 2), you must complete a Request for Non-Assigned Period form (Hard copies are available in the Student Services office – room 205).
If it is after the full-disclosure deadline (usually in November for Semester 1 and in April for Semester 2), you must complete an Application to Withdraw From a Course form.
The Full-Disclosure deadline is the date after which grades will remain on your permanent student record.

How do I find out about the Specialized High Skills Major (SHSM) Programs?

Please visit our Tech is Central website for all the information you will need.

How do I find out about find out about the Specialized Art Program?

Please visit the Art Centre's website for more information about Art programs offered.

How do I find out about find out about the LAWS program?

Please follow this link for information. You can also speak to your Guidance Counsellor.

How do I find out about find out about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)?

Please visit our techiscentral website for a description of our OYAP programs. Our Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades page also provides more information.

If you'd like to see the answer to a question we missed please talk to your Guidance Counsellor, and if it's a question we often hear, we'll add it to this list.