Central Technical School

Specialized Programs

Central Technical School is committed to students' success by enabling them to pursue all pathways upon completion of their secondary education experience. To facilitate this, we have acquired specialized status in our art programme and currently have very specialized Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs within our Technical Department. Central Technical School prides itself in the teachers that teach these special programmes. Our art program is located in a separate building designed and built specifically for delivery of fine arts and the teachers are all professional working artists. In addition, our Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programme teachers have trades licences with many years of related experience. Students participating in these special Programs have an edge when applying to university, college, apprenticeship or work placements. Traditionally 86% of the students enrolled in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programme have been signed as apprentices in their desired trade. Upon completion of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programme, students are eligible to write for Basic Level exemption.

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Specialized Art Program

The Art Centre at Central Technical School has been a silent success for over seventy-five years. Discovered by most through word of mouth and referral, it is home to almost sixty courses in the visual arts. Fifteen specialized studios and a large teaching staff, combined with a talented student body, foster a dynamic sharing environment. The curriculum stresses drawing and design for a sound foundation. Courses include ceramics, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, life drawing, digital media and communications. 

LAWS Program

LAWS is an innovative partnership between the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Toronto District School Board designed to deliver an education program aimed at supporting, guiding and motivating high school students. Central Technical School has formed a partnership with the University of Toronto Law School, whereby first year law students will team up with our students to mentor them over the course of the next three years. The Law school students will also assist teachers in the delivery of the curriculum in areas such as Civics, History, Math and Science. 
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