SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 TO AUGUST 31, 2020
Stavole, Lucio CL, Carpentry/Electrical/Plumbing
McFadden, Kim CL, Guidance & Career Education/Student Success
White, Melanie CL, Special Education/School-Wide Initiatives – Equity
Boon, Trish A/CL, Visual Art
Hope, Tiffany A/CL, ESL/French as a Second Language
Giacomazzo, Sil A/CL, Transportation/Manufacturing Education
Gorcey, Paul A/CL, Science/Eco-Schools
Hann, Don A/CL, Experiential Learning – OYAP/SHSM/Co-Op
Hoff, Russell A/CL, Special Education/School-Wide Initiatives – Student Leadership
Klich, Stan A/CL, English
Landry, Mark A/CL, Mathematics
Luberti, Romeo A/CL, Computer Studies/Business/Information Technology
Mandros, Peter A/CL, Experiential Learning – OYAP/SHSM/Co-Op
Muller, Thomas A/CL, Hospitality/Personal Services/Family Studies/Fashion/Parenting
Norm Davis A/CL, Science
Rogers, Derek A/CL, Health and Physical Education/Health Care
Savo, Mauro A/CL, Performing Arts
TBD A/CL, Mathematics/Numeracy
Triantafillou, Angelo A/CL, Health and Physical Education - Athletics
Uhm, Esther A/CL, Library/Literacy/Advanced Placement Co-Ordination
Voight, Peter A/CL, Canadian & World Studies/Social Sciences & the Humanities