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Edwards Lisa Principal
Cho Albert Vice Principal (Surnames G to M, O)
Khan Teenat Vice Principal (Surnames A to F)
Robinson Michelle Vice Principal (Surnames N, P to Z)


SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 TO AUGUST 31, 2023

Name POR Position
Ferrari, Eleonora* ACL, Student Service/Guidance & Career Education
French, Kathleen ACL, Health and Physical Education/Health Care
Gorcey, Paul ACL, Science
Hann, Don ACL, Experiential Learning – OYAP/SHSM/Co-Op
Henderson, Sean ACL, English
Hope, Tiffany ACL, ESL/Moderns
Lambert, Mark ACL, Business/Digital Literacy/ICT
Landry, Mark* ACL, Mathematics
Min, Peter* ACL, Student Leadership and Engagement (Clubs, Councils, Athletics)
Muller, Thomas ACL, Hospitality/Family Studies/Fashion/Parenting/Personal Services
Savo, Mauro ACL, Arts
Stavole, Lucio ACL, Construction/Transportation/Manufacturing
Tache-Green, Kaya* ACL, Mathematics/Numeracy
Uhm, Esther ACL, Library/Literacy/Advanced Placement Co-Ordination
Voight, Peter ACL, Canadian & World Studies/Social Sciences & the Humanities/LAWS
Vacant ACL, Experiential Learning – SHSM/Student Success
Robinson, Michelle, Acting ACL, Special Education Resources
Robinson, Michelle, Acting ACL, Special Education LD/MID
*POR term – September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021


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