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Develop the skills you need to jump-start a career in the fashion industry!

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Fashion Technology. Grade 9/10. TDJ2OP

Do you love fashion? Want to learn how to sew? This course is an introduction to sewing, the safe use of equipment, fabric knowledge and pattern use. Students will develop skills while creating projects such as bags, clothes and accessories for men and women.

Prerequisite: none!

Fashion Technology. Grade 11. University/College Preparation. +FA3MO.3 credits

Develop the skills you need to jump-start a career in the fashion industry! In Grade 11 you will create pants, skirts and tops for men and women. Discover fashion illustration, historic costume, textiles, and portfolio building. Practice industrial pattern drafting techniques through the design and creation of pant and skirt patterns and sewn samples. You will also have the experience of participating in the CTS Fashion Exhibition.

Prerequisite: TDJ2OP, TDJ2O8, TDP3M1, recommended, but not required.

“Eco-Fashion Design” Grade 11. TDP3M1. 1 credit

This course is an introduction to Fashion for students in grades 11 or 12 who wish to learn the basics of sewing and fashion while practicing ‘green design’! Students will be introduced to the safe use of sewing machines, fabric knowledge and how to use patterns. Students will also explore design skills, embellishment techniques and clothing re-modeling through the creation of fashion and home decor projects. This course is recommended as preparation for the grade 11 Fashion Technology multiple credit package.

Prerequisite: none

Fashion Technology. Grade 12. University/College Preparation. +FA4MC (2 credits)

This course will continue to build on the skills and techniques acquired in Grade 11 Fashion and prepare the student for post-secondary Fashion or Design studies. Specialty construction techniques and various surface design and embellishment methods will be practiced and applied to projects such as outerwear, active wear or evening wear projects for men and women.Emphasis will be placed on professional construction and finishing methods as well as suitable material and equipment selection.Students will explore the design possibilities of the “bodice” and practice industrial pattern drafting techniques for shirts, sleeves and collars.Wardrobe planning, fashion trend forecasting and promotion techniques for publicity, advertising and events, will be introduced.Students will also give presentations of their work and plan and participate in their own fashion exhibition. Students are advised to also enroll in Experiential Learning (Co-Op) to earn 2 credits through placements in the fashion industry during Semester 2.

Prerequisite: +FA3MO, Grade 11 Fashion Technology package (3 credits)