SAC Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2021 School Council Meeting Minutes CR Marchant M S

November 10, 2021

School Council Meeting Minutes

CR Marchant M S


Kristine Sitwell – Principal (KS)

Malanie Malhotra - Vice-Principal (MM)

Laurel Archibald- CSW (LA)

Julie Bisson- Chair (JB)

Damon Groves- Secretary (DG)

Maria Russell (MR)

Marla Beckford

Approval of October Minutes

  • MR makes motion to accept October minutes. DG seconds. October minutes approved.
  • SAC gets $474
  • French Budget- French texts in need of replacement
  • Phys Ed budget is high: new asphalt and “line activities” (four square, etc.)
  • Library: new books and resources for school library and classroom libraries

Chair Report- Julie Bisson

School Statement of Needs

Yearly statement that outlines priorities for CR Marchant. Currently drafting SSON to include leadership, parent engagement. Due end of November

MR- does this go out to parents via email?

KS- no, but Council has access to School Messenger

Entripy Fundraiser

Parents can order school clothing (logowear) online. Eventually, CR will get 10% of all orders.

MM- we have used Entripy before. I have a connection there!

JB- would like to get account up and running in time for holidays

Parent and Community Involvement Sub-Committee

Would like to suggest a committee geared towards more parent involvement and working with other community organizations (Frontlines, Shakespeare in Action…) I will add this to our council newsletter

KS- We would love to connect more with parents. We have done a “Morning Coffee” with parents at drop off. Great way to connect face to face with parents. Hopefully we can start this again in the Spring when we are allowed to gather

Principal’s Report- Kristine Sitwell

Outdoor Classroom

Classroom is finally finished. It is worth the wait

Report Cards

Going home next week (week of Nov.15th)

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Link sent via email to schedule interviews online (Nov. 18th and 19th )

PA DAY- Friday Nov. 19

SIP (School Improvement Plan)

Goals for Achievement- Math is the biggest need. We select students based on report card and EQAO data who are struggling. We can give them extra resources to move them up one level by start of school next Fall

Goals for Well-Being: Mainly driven by student input. Teachers asking students for their voice

Goals for Equity: Working with staff to create awareness and education of social differences and discrimination

Budget for 2021-2022

Fairly standard budget compared to previous years

Note: library not always staffed. Teachers and staff have offered spare time to help coordinate library time

Roundtable Discussion

KS- Picture Day went really well! About 30 students came from virtual.

JB- I’ve been hearing about House Leaders? Sounds great, what is it? What extra- curriculars are available this year?

MMK- all students separated into teams, school wide. Teachers plan activities and students earn points for their team. Idea is to build school community. Most regular extra-curriculars are difficult to do during covid.

MR- really like the General Announcements. Can we put the on website as well? I’ve had some issues receiving emails. Curriculum night was great, thank you. Email for curriculum was sent out late. Nutrition- where does that come from? KS- Nutrition program is through model schools. We order from an approved vendor and also applied for charity through PC.

MR motions to end meeting at 7:38pm. DG seconds. Motion Passed

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 8th, 6:30pm