House System


The House System was introduced to CR Marchant during the 2009-10 school year. The purpose for creating Houses is to build a sense of community, responsibility, belonging and spirit in our school with all our students, staff and community partners.


In the spring of 2009 a small group of teachers and the principal had the opportunity to visit Queen Alexandra Middle School to meet with staff members and to learn about how the house system worked in their school. The information gathered from this visit was used as a starting point in developing the house system at CR Marchant.


The House Colours are : Orange House, Green House, Yellow House and the Purple House. All students and staff members (teaching faculty, support staff, office staff, custodial staff, lunch attendants, student teachers and volunteers) are also placed in a House for the year.

The House Executive has taken the place of a traditional Student Executive Council. Grade 8 students interested in running for House Leader must go through an application process and then prepare a speech that will be said in front of the student body. At the end of all House Leader speeches, all students go back to class and vote for the leader of their House. The four voted in House leaders then become our leaders for the school year.

Each House has the opportunity to generate points for their House by actively participating in a number of activities that the staff has agreed can be awarded points such as but not limited to: food drives, sports, clubs, fundraising, intramurals, spirit days etc.  The House points are displayed regularly announced.