School Improvement Plan

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School Improvement Plan

This year, our School Improvement Plan is based on TDSB's three areas of focus; Student Achievement, Equity and Well-Being. The following is a summary of all the great work being done at the school already.

We believe in Student Achievement!


-collaborate with students to create Success Criteria, Learning Goals, Anchor Charts

-use reading groups as a tool to improve reading skills

-collect and analyze student data to program for individual needs

-share best practices with colleagues to engage student learning

-use technology to engage students’ learning (i.e. Google Classroom, Padlet etc)

-extra-support provided at lunch and after school

-provide flexible groupings to meet the needs of the individual student

-staff support and provide professional learning

-challenge students with critical content

-set high expectations for the students, staff and parents

-believe that all students can achieve success

-recognize Multiple Intelligences and use strategies to reach each way of learning

-use inquiry based learning and “Third Teacher" strategies to promote student engagement


We believe in Equity!


-provide culturally, relevant materials

-give students access to support (human and material) to ensure success

-use technology to communicate with parents and promote parent engagement 

-promote student advocacy 

-incorporate student voice in everything

-make authentic connections with students and parents to promote trust

-celebrate differences and similarities

-promote peers supporting peers

-create a culture of respect

-teach students that they are a contributing member of our community

-use differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners

-promote an inclusive environment by integrating all students

-grade 6 and 8 staff, including support staff, collaborate to ensure smooth transition for grade 5 and grade 8 students respectfully

-promote regular parent communication (i.e. Sunshine calls etc.)


We believe in Wellness!


-be an advocate for students

-use classroom meetings as a means to provide students an opportunity to voice feelings

-provide a variety of sports, clubs and house league to encourage physical and mental well-being

-promote a safe school environment that focuses on an active physical/mental lifestyle

-incorporate student voice in the class

-promote student leadership (i.e., House Leaders)

-regular “check-ins” with students to see if students are ready to learn

-practice meditation and conflict resolution skills

-implement school-wide House System to promote a sense of belonging and community

-promoting healthy eating habits at home and school

-promote Zones of Regulation

-celebrate the small achievements and failures

-promote a positive, growth mindset

-promote empathy for others (i.e. Terry Fox, Community Walk/Run/Dance)

-model a healthy lifestyle

-create a calm, learning environment (i.e. Library, classroom, gyms, playgrounds etc.)