School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan

Goal #1: Achievement with Equity embedded

SIP Goal #1: We will identify students underachieving at a level 1 or 2 in mathematics and language.  Using a variety of strategies to meet the needs of the diverse learners to decrease the number of students working at levels 1 and 2 by 30% in Language and 25% in Mathematics. We will also directly address the issues of social difference and discrimination.

Goal #2: Joy, Well-Being with Equity Embedded

SIP Goal #2: We will work collaboratively to create a positive, safe and inclusive environment where all students and their families feel respected and valued as we incorporate both student and parent voices into lessons and school-wide initiatives/activities.

Goal #3: Indigenous Education

SIP Goal #3: Working together as a staff we will deepen our understanding of Indigenous perspectives in all aspects of the curriculum as evidenced by connecting to the land acknowledgement, seeing Indigenous resources & lessons in classrooms and participating in the Biidaaban Project.