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Dunlace Public School

From our Trustee-Rachel Chernos Lin

Trustee Letter

Parent Protocol

Welcome Back!

September 1, 2022

Dear Dunlace Families:

I hope that you have had a wonderful summer.  We had some really lovely (and hot!) weather and I hope you were able to take advantage of the outdoors.

Welcome to our newest Dunlace families.  We are happy to have you join us. The Dunlace staff is really excited to see your children and start this new school year with you.  

Below you will find a map, indicating where you should meet on the first day of school.  Staff will be outside at 8:55 a.m. to meet and greet students on their first day.  All staff will proudly be wearing their Dunlace T-shirts to help families identify our staff members.  

We will have lawn signs to indicate where classes are lining up.  Please have your child line up behind the signs once they have connected with their teacher.  There will be many staff with class lists to help you find your child’s teacher and direct you to the appropriate areas.

At the end of the day, please pick up your child from the same area.  Please do not meet your child at the exits as it makes it difficult for classes to exit the building.  Your child’s teacher will lead their class out to the same area to help establish contact with parents and caregivers. 

Below are some details and other important pieces of information for the start of school.   Thank you for your patience as we work through the challenges of school re-opening.  

 I hope you get to enjoy the last weekend of summer vacation.  A friendly reminder that school begins on Wednesday, September 7th as Tuesday is a PA Day.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you and your children on Wednesday.    

With warmest regards,

Julie Kwon






Students and staff should continue to do a daily self-assessment before entering school or Board buildings and stay home if they are sick. We are awaiting an updated screening tool from the Ministry and will share as soon as it is available.

Recess and Lunch Breaks

Classes are no longer cohorted and we will be moving to a single recess for all of our Grade 1-5 students.  

Morning recess: 10:30-10:45 a.m., Afternoon recess: 2:15-2:30 p.m. 

Students will also be eating lunch in the gymnasium (11:55 a.m.-12:25 p.m.) and then proceeding to an outdoor recess (12:25-12:55 p.m.)

We ask families to please pack a litterless, nut-free lunch and snacks for your child(ren). Please also send in a refillable water bottle.  Dunlace has two water bottle filling stations for students to refill water bottles.  

Google Classroom

Each homeroom teacher will maintain a Google Classroom,  where assignments and information will be shared with parents.  Depending on the grade level, assignments may be submitted this way as well.  This is NOT a replacement for in class learning but a means of communication and opportunity for students to see some of the work that was missed if they were absent.  

Outdoor Learning

We are very lucky to have such a large outdoor space in our school property, along with outdoor learning areas.  We have designated “learning areas” in our yard and teachers can use them daily.   Students should come to school prepared for being outside for extended periods of time (including recesses). Outdoor learning can be a positive and enriching experience. Dressing for the weather will keep students comfortable and ready to learn (e.g. sweater, hat, jacket). Please keep this in mind as your child gets dressed for school each day.

Transportation for 2022/23

Bussing for TDSB students will begin on September 12, 2022 for eligible students.  If your child is eligible for bussing, you will receive confirmation from the Toronto Transportation Group and/or the school.  Our students who are eligible for bussing will have their bus tags attached to their backpacks during the first 4 days of school.  Students will be assigned a seat on the bus and JK-Grade 3 students must be met by an adult after school at the bus stop.  As we know, bussing delays are frequent during the first few weeks of school and we ask for your patience as our drivers familiarize themselves with the new routes and student passengers.  

Families whose children  qualify for “Optional Seat” bussing will be able to apply for bussing, beginning in the middle of September.  Please stay tuned for more information.  


Empty Seat Requests for Buses


The empty seat requests for busing are not facilitated by the school, rather it is centrally coordinated by the TDSB Transportation Department.  It can take up to the end of October to finalize what seats are actually available for empty bus seat requests.  Until we have a firm understanding of how many seats are available, we will NOT be accepting any empty seat request forms. Once this information is released to the school, we will share this information with you via email.  At that time, we will process requests as they are submitted to the office. 


Split Grade Classes


We are a school that, in essence, has two mini-schools under its roof by virtue of being “dual track” and having both English and French Immersion programs.  As such, split-grades are a reality.  Our teachers embark on a placement process that ensures that all our classes are ‘balanced’ in nature.  This includes ensuring that we are meeting mandated class caps, balancing gender, strengths, needs, etc.  To preserve the authenticity of this process, we will not accept requests for a particular class or a particular teacher.  Furthermore, whether a child is placed in a 1-2 split or 2-3 split, they will receive the curriculum at their grade level.  One class is not more favourable than another, nor do we place higher achieving students in one split over the other.  


Potential for Reorganization



Please note that our current school structure is subject to reorganization by the third week of September, depending on how our student numbers change.  These changes are dependent upon the Ministry of Education mandates regarding class sizes.  Enrollment in a school is based on projections and we are unable to predict numbers in advance as families move in and out of school catchment areas.  To accommodate these changes, during the third week of September, the TDSB will look at our numbers to ensure that we are compliant with Ministry mandates.  If our numbers significantly change due to ongoing enrollments, then our school structure will have to change accordingly.  This means that students may be moved to a different class from the one they started in.  Parents will be kept informed of this process as we monitor our numbers.  




We will continue to send out weekly emails to keep you informed of school happenings.  You are also welcome to follow us on Twitter-@TDSB_Dunlace to see all of the exciting things happening here at Dunlace. Our school website is being updated with current information and will continue to be updated throughout the year. 


Parking/Drop Off


We encourage all families to walk/cycle/scooter to school when possible.  If you are planning to drive your child to school, please drive slowly and obey the traffic signs.  Please remember that the school parking lot is CLOSED before and after school.  During the summer, the water main was replaced at Dunlace and the driveway continues to undergo construction.  Please park on the south side of Dunlace Drive or any of the surrounding streets, including Hopperton Drive and Davean Drive.  Both streets have direct access to the Dunlace yard through walkways and sidewalks.

First Day of School Map