2018/2019 Staff and Classes

Office Staff:   
Principal Mr. McTaggart
Vice-Principal Ms. Martil
Office Adminstrator Mrs. Stavropoulous , M         
Head Caretaker  Mr. King
Class Teacher:  
7A, and C   Ms. Brooking 
7B Ms. Ryu 
7D  Ms. Zivadionivic 
7F  Mr. Juste-Constant 
7G Mr. Juste-Constant 
8A  Ms. Mason 
8B,C   Ms. Patel
8F  Mme. Moise 
8G  Mme Moise 
7/8 DD Ms. Kusano 
7/8 M Ms. Binksma  
7/8 L Ms. Sarjue
7/8 H  Mr. Chapman 
Science   Ms. Abdel-Nour (ESL), Ms.Zivadionivic , and Ms. Law, Mr. Chapman   
Math   Mr. Pandya (Grade 7)  Ms. Law (Grade 8), Ms. Patel (Grade 8) , Mr. Chapman
FSL Mme Ryu, Mme Mason 
Music  Ms. Duff 
Visual Art Ms. Kelly
Physical Education  Mr. Renzetti, Ms. Morrow
Special Education (MART)   Ms. Morrow
Guidance Support  Ms. Finkeldey
Educational Assistants:
7/8 DD Ms. Goda
7/8 M Ms. Flynn 
7/8 L Mr. Arbuckle 
7/8 H Ms. Karkas 
Lunch Supervisors:
Ms. Radulovic        
Mr. Rodriguez   
Ms. Choudhary   
Ms. Patel   
Mr. Echevers