2018/2019 Extracurricular Activities

Library Helpers Ms. Martil
Student Announcers Mrs. Stavropoulos, Mr. McTaggart, Ms. Martil
Kids Now Leadership Ms. Martil   
Wellness Program Ms. Mason, Ms. Patel, Ms. Brooking, Ms. Blake
Homework Club Mme Moise
Winter Concert Mme Moise
Talent Show Mme Moise
Office Helpers Mrs. Stavropoulos
Me to We Ms. Binksma, Ms. Brooking
Recycling Ms. Binksma, Ms. Brooking
Robotics Lego League Mr. Pandya, Ms. Abdel Nour 
SAC Mr. Renzetti
Student Council Ms. Zivadinovic, Ms. Kusano, Mr. Pandya
Dance Club Ms. Zivadinovic, Ms. Sarjue
Chess Club Mr. Juste-Constant
Coding Ms. Kusano, Ms. Law
English Speech Arts Ms. Kusano, Ms. Mason
French Speech Arts Mme Moise, Mme Mason
Environmental Club Ms. Binksma, Ms. Kusano
French Club Mme Mason
Origami Club Ms. Law, Ms. Mason
Yearbook Committee Ms. Kusano, Ms. Brooking
Drama Ms. Law, Ms. Mason, Mme Moise, Ms. Patel, Ms. Sarjue, Ms. Zivadinovic, Ms. Kelly
Art Club Ms. Kelly
Wanna' Be an Author's Club Ms. Kelly
Heritage Fair Ms. Mason, Ms. Martil