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TDSB Student Dress Policy P042 & Heritage Park Public School – Uniform Standards

Monday, May 9, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

After much consultation with our Heritage Park School Council and community this year, our Uniform Committee has come to a final decision on a proposed uniform change for the 2022-23 school year.This letter will outline the details of the proposed uniform standards and protocols for our school-wide voting process that will happen from:

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - Monday, May 30, 2022.

The TDSB has a new district wide Student Dress Policy that began in September 2019.For the last three years, Heritage Park P.S. has been temporarily maintaining (“grand-parenting”) our current uniform standards and we must now update our uniform standards within the guidelines of the TDSB Student Dress Policy. Next year, Heritage Park Public School will be changing its uniform standards to align with the TDSB dress code. uniform sample

The updated TDSB Student Dress Policy is located HERE. In uniform schools, students are permitted to wear any of the approved items listed on the image as long as the clothing is reflective of the colours chosen for the school uniform rules.

Heritage Park P.S., school council and student council have determined that the colours approved for school uniforms are to be navy blue, black and white. School tops can be navy blue, black or white. School bottoms can be either navy blue or black. The approximate cost of a full uniform is $40-$50.

You will be asked to vote to either approve the new school uniform standards (choice #1) or cancel the uniform standards (choice #2).

Choice #1: Heritage Park P.S. should: have a uniform rule consisting of black, navy blue or white tops and black or navy blue bottoms.

Choosing choice #1 means that you are agreeing to the new school uniform standard that includes the colours mentioned above for the 2022-2023 school year.

Choice #2: Heritage Park P.S. should: have no uniform rule.

Choosing choice #2 will cancel any uniform rules for Heritage Park P.S., allowing families free choice over what clothing to wear at school as long as it follows the TDSB Student Dress Policyfor the 2022-2023 school year.

Each Heritage Park P.S. household will be permitted one vote per child that attends the school in Grades Kindergarten - Grade 7 (i.e., a family with two children gets two votes). Grade 8 students do not vote. To aid with the simplicity of collecting votes, we will mainly be collecting votes electronically on our school website (https://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/heritagepark/Dress-Code-Uniforms). We ask that you register each vote using your child’s TDSB email log in (i.e., firstname.lastname@student.tdsb.on.ca). This is the same log in that students use on their Chromebooks for access to Google Classroom.

We will be asking everyone to participate in voting as we will need an 80% school participation rate and a 70% approval rate to complete this process. Voting will be open from Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - Monday May 30, 2022 (11:59 PM).

Translation of this letter is available on our school website by selecting your language from the list of available languages (https://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/heritagepark/Dress-Code-Uniforms).

A paper version of voting will be made available on May 23, 2022 in various languages for those who are having difficulty voting online or have not voted as of yet.

You can also click HERE to place your vote now (https://forms.gle/rE7GjpkVUTmC34w3A)

Stay safe, stay well,

Eckleton Richards Jr.


Email: heritageparkps@tdsb.on.ca

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeritagePk_TDSB

Website: schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/heritagepark

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TDSB Student Dress Policy P042 & Heritage Park Public School – Uniform Standards (2019)

The TDSB has a new district wide Student Dress Policy that begins September, 2019.  Heritage Park P.S. will be temporarily maintaining (“Grand-parenting”) its current uniform standards for the 2019/20 school year.  The uniform standard can be temporarily maintained for up to 3 years; however, every other aspect of the new TDSB Student Dress Policy applies.  During the next 3 years, the school will solicit the views of students, teachers, staff, volunteers working in the school, parents and guardians, the School Council and the public in its review of the uniform standard in relation to the Board’s new Student Dress Policy, available here: TDSB Student Dress Policy

Our primary focus at Heritage Park P. S. is to provide all students with a safe, equitable, welcoming and inclusive learning environment that will help each student achieve the maximum potential of their abilities. Student dress is an important and valuable part of our school climate and the TDSB Student Dress Policy (P042) details the student dress code used for all schools in the district and we encourage you to review it. We thank you for helping your child to make clothing choices that conform to the policy and would like to highlight a few important reminders about our uniform standards below:

Heritage Park is a uniformed school, and as such, students must wear shirts in the following school colours of navy and white.

All tops are to be white, blue, or crested. All pants, shorts or skirts are navy blue.


·       Pants/skirts/shorts must be navy blue in colour and can be purchased from any department store.



·       Students are to wear clothing in the manner that it was originally intended.

·       Clothes are to be clean and in good repair.

·       Shirts must be buttoned, and come down over the pants or skirts.

·       NO bare midriffs, halters, tank tops, backless shirts, no mesh muscle clothing over bare skin, or sheer tops without undershirts, camisoles, or linings.

·       NO hats, bandanas, hairnets, hoods, visors, chains, or sunglasses are to worn in the building.

·       Undergarments should be worn beneath a layer of outer wear.

·       Denim (jean material) is not permitted.

·       Clothing will conform to established health and safety requirements for the intended activity.

·       Students will respect the Board’s intent to sustain a community that is positive, anti-oppressive, equitable, accepting and inclusive

·       Clothing WILL NOT promote violence or criminal activity or depict offensive, obscene, hateful or anti-discriminatory images or language


The contact information for the company looking after our uniform sales is listed below. Please contact them directly to order and receive your child’s clothing.  School uniforms can also be purchased from any department store.


For more information or price inquires:

Melvin John at 647-273-3919

or email: