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TDSB Student Dress Policy P042 & Heritage Park Public School – Uniform Standards


Our primary focus at Heritage Park P. S. is to provide all students with a safe, equitable, welcoming and inclusive learning environment that will help each student achieve the maximum potential of their abilities. Student dress is an important and valuable part of our school climate and the TDSB Student Dress Policy (PO42) details the student dress code used for all schools in the district and we encourage you to review it. We thank you for helping your child to make clothing choices that conform to the policy and would like to highlight a few important reminders about our uniform standards below:

Heritage Park P.S. is a uniform school. Each student is expected to follow our uniform standard by wearing clothing consisting of a black, navy-blue or white top and black or navy-blue bottoms.

Students are permitted to wear any of the approved items listed on the image below, as long as the colour of the clothing corresponds with the ones listed above.

TDSB Dress Code


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