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School Library

The Library in the 21st Century

The purpose of the learning centre, better known as the school library, is to educate students to become lifelong learners. Today's society is full of technology that allows information to constantly be at the fingertips of students through use of smart phones, tablets, computers and the Internet. This information society requires that students be effective users of ideas and information. They should be able to recognize when and what information is needed, and where to find, process and use that information effectively. The Heritage Park library's job is to provide access to materials that will satisfy the informational needs of the staff and students. This is done through giving staff and students access to books, magazines, computers, the Internet as well as other learning materials. The library provides a safe learning environment where students can satisfy their curiosity and develop their informational skills.


Virtual Library

The TDSB Virtual Library is an incredibly important tool for student learning. The Virtual Library allows students to search the library catalogue in order to see what books and other resources are available at their school library. Additionally it gives students access to:

Online Encyclopedias - Britannica Online, Canadian Encyclopedia, Ressources en Francias, Universalis Junior French

eBooks - Capstone, Bookflix, International Digital Children's Library, tab-vue

Videos - Learn 360, Watch Know Learn, Creative Commons, National Film Board of Canada

Databases - CultureGrams, PebbleGo, Kids Info Bits, Canadian Refernce Centre

Toronto Public Library


Reading With Your Child