Recycling Program

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Eco Programs at Heritage Park

At Heritage Park we are trying reduce our carbon footprint as must as possible. Due to this we try to recycle as many items as possible. Recycling bins and compost bins can be found in every classroom. Additionally we have special recycling bins in the front lobby of the school to recycle special items such as batteries, markers, glasses, printer cartridges and cell phone batteries.

Each classroom has a G.O.O.S (Good On One Side) bin to make sure we use both sides of the paper before we put paper into classroom recycle bins.

Each classroom has a small kitchen size compost bin for compost that gets emptied into the hallway bin and also collected every week. Compost bins are also in the staff washrooms for paper towels. Each classroom also pairs up the garbage can, recycle bin and compost bin and has a sign posted so kids can refer to it when throwing away waste. Recycled materials are checked and collected every Wednesday by our Eco Schools Team. 

Every Wednesday the entire school participates in the Lights Out Program during periods seven and eight. During that time we try to turn off all the lights and use natural light to illuminate the classrooms. This saves energy and money!

Help Support Eco Schools

You can help support our Eco Schools Program by:

  • Walking or riding a bike to school instead of driving
  • Using reusable water bottles 
  • Bringing litter-less lunches to schools
  • Turning off the water faucets and lights at home when not in use
  • Sorting all waste into the proper bins for pick up
  • Carpooling to work