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Our Schedule

Entry, Dismissal and Attendance (School Hours – JK-8)

AM Entry                     8:40                      Entry Bell Rings (Entry Time)         
Period 1                       8:45                       Instructional Time
Period 2                       9:15                       Instructional Time
RECESS                       9:55-10:10         
Period 3                      10:10                      Instructional Time
Period 4                      10:50                      Instructional Time
LUNCH                       11:30-12:30       
PM Entry                    12:30                      Entry Bell Rings (Entry Time)         
Period 5                      12:35                      Instructional Time
Period 6                        1:15                      Instructional Time
RECESS                      1:55 – 2:10         
Period 7                        2:10                     Instructional Time
Period 8                        2:50                     Instructional Time
Remedial                      3:20                     Dismissal Bell Rings 


*Students may be kept in class after the bell at 3:20 to complete unfinished work or work through issues that happened at school.  Final dismissal of the school day is at 3:50.

Students should arrive at least five minutes, but not more than 10 minutes, before the entry bells. They will line up by class and enter the school in an orderly manner at the assigned doors. Students are expected to go straight home after dismissal.

There is no supervision in the yard before 8:30 or after 3:35.  This makes it unsafe for children to remain on the school grounds. We do not allow students to use the basketball nets to play after school. For this reason, students are expected to proceed directly home every day immediately upon dismissal from their classrooms rather than hanging around the schoolyard. If they are waiting for a sibling or are responsible for walking a younger student home, they are expected to wait at the dismissal doors. Any student who needs to stay after school and is responsible for picking up a student will be released to collect the student and then take them back to class with them. Dismissal from class can occur anytime between 3:20 and 3:50 p.m. Your assistance in reinforcing the importance of this message with your child is greatly appreciated.  You should be notified of your child’s participation in after school activities through his/her school agenda and /or through a memo from the coach. Primary students, who have not been picked up on time, will be directed to the office. Parents or guardians will be requested to give a reason for the late pick-up and sign the office binder.