Translated School Communications

Translated School Communications

Heritage Happenings! September 2022 Update!

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are into our second week at school and it has been an exciting and wonderful start to the school year! Thank you for continuing to screen your children every day using the Ontario School and Child Care Screening website We have had some new additions to our staffing team at Heritage Park! We welcome our new French teacher, Ms. Froese and Music teacher, Ms. Wei. Our caretaking staff, led by Mr. Camposeo, continues to ensure everyone’s well-being by cleaning the school’s high touch surfaces multiple times during the day! This September update newsletter includes some updates and reminders for our families.

Looking forward to a spectacular school year!

Eckleton Richards Jr.


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Table of Contents:

Welcome back, Crossing Guard Michael Wong!

Each and every day, we rely on important members of our school community to ensure the safety and well-being of our families . Please take a moment to say hello and welcome back our community Crossing Guard, Mr. Michael Wong. Mr. Wong volunteers his time each and every day to make sure that our students are ensured a safer walk to school.

Your efforts to support our families and community are greatly appreciated, Mr. Wong!

Possible Changes to Classes

Every year the number of children enrolled in a school in June is often different from the number of children who arrive in September.When numbers go up or down significantly, a school may need to re-organize the classes.If, after the first few weeks of school, we are in a position to re-organize, you will be notified.

Practice Lockdown

Heritage Park Public School will be conducting a practice Lockdown Drill on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at approximately 9:30 A.M.

Lockdowns are conducted as a method of controlling student movement within the school when an emergency situation arises.  Often lockdowns are seen as being a very negative thing.  This is not the case.  Lockdowns are done to protect children.  They are basically a reverse fire drill.  Instead of having all the students leave the building, a lockdown keeps the students safe in the classroom.

Lockdowns are not only done for the worst case scenario, but more often they are used in situations where the school staff needs to prevent students from going outside or from being in the hallway.

Examples of situations where a lockdown may be used:

  • Medical emergency
  • Stranger in the school
  • Animal on the grounds
  • Police activity in the area of the school
  • Natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances

In order to ensure the safety of all of our students the following procedures are instituted during a lockdown:

  • No exit or entry is allowed
  • All exit doors are locked
  • All teaching areas are secured by locking doors

This practice lockdown is part of the Toronto District School Board Safety Policy and is an example of our commitment to provide a secure, healthy and safe environment to students, staff and visitors. This year, our Practice Lockdown will be completed in a manner that meets the social distancing requirements in schools. Teachers will provide students with instructions on what will happen in the event of an actual lockdown.

Orange Shirt Day

On Friday, September 30, it will be a NON-UNIFORM DAY for all students. Everyone is encouraged to wear orange shirts in remembrance of those who were impacted by the residential schooling experience in Canada. Phyllis Webstad`s story was the origin of Orange Shirt Day; she was a six year old girl who attended a residential school in 1973. Her grandmother gave her an orange shirt to wear for her first day of school. Phyllis`s orange shirt was taken and replaced with a school uniform. Since then, Phyllis`s orange shirt is a symbol of many of our Indigenous People losing their rights and freedoms during this time period. This year, we hope to have all of our students and staff in orange shirts to show our respect and honour the experiences of many Indigenous Peoples.

School Community Council

The School Council is the collective voice of parents/guardians and community representatives who present and discuss issues related to teaching and learning of students at Heritage Park Public School.  A new council will be formed for the coming year. School councils play a vital role in the education system, in Ontario.  They provide a forum through which parents/guardians and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.  The partnership of school and community representatives on a school council helps to build mutual understanding and interaction between a school and its community, resulting in benefits for both.

By giving information to parents and community representatives, getting feedback from them, and presenting their views to the school and the school board, a school council involves the community in the discussion of educational issues and helps the school identify and respond to the educational needs of the community.Membership in a school council also benefits the individual involved.The personal advantages of becoming a school council member include:

  • being an important partner in the education system, whose views are valued;
  • contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievementand having a vehicle through which to express opinions;
  • participating on the school council will be a rewarding experience for all those who value the opportunity to make a difference in their children’s education;
  • co-ordinating and leading fundraising activities.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our council, please attend our next in-person School Council meeting on Monday, September 26 at 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.

We look to fill the following positions:

Council Chair;

Council Vice-Chair;



Instructions for Completing School Council Nomination Forms:

Please use this link: to complete the Parent Self-Nomination, and Parent Candidate Nomination Forms online.

The Elections Committee will receive your nomination and send you a Nomination Form Receipt, acknowledging that your nomination has been received.

This is an important meeting as we will be forming our School Council.

Come out and be a part of your child’s education!

Looking forward to working with you for a great school year!


School Council Chair - Naseem Malik

Terry Fox Run

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, Heritage Park JPS will have its annual TERRY FOX RUN. All monies raised will be forwarded to the Terry Fox Foundation to further cancer research. It will be a NON-UNIFORM DAY so please have your children wear ‘red and white’ to school that day and please wear running shoes and bring sunscreen, a hat, and a labelled water bottle.The staff at Heritage Park believes strongly in raising money for cancer research. Students are encouraged to request pledges from family and friends and not go door-to-door. Parents and guardians are welcome to participate in the laps around the schoolyard. Please make all pledges by Friday, October 14, 2022. Thank you for your support. Together, we can keep Terry’s dream alive.

Ms. Price & Ms. Lavorgna-Terrigno

Trustee Sriskandarajah's Ward 22 Back-to-School Newsletter 2022-23

1 - Download the Trustee Back to School Newsletter


Heritage Park will continue to use School Cash OnlineThis is a system that allows you to pay for pizza lunches, class trips, etc., online.  If you have not registered already, please see the step-by-step instructions on how to register in your First Day Package.

Please help us with reaching our goal of having 100% participation in this school wide program by registering today! It is easy to register!  Click here to register:


Our school website is a valuable resource that contains information about the school, including: policies and procedures, Code of Conduct newsletters, school calendars and updates, School Council info and links to Ms. Lavorgna-Terrigno's amazing virtual library which has a plethora of educational resources and websites to enhance our home-school academic engagement. The last page of the printed agenda pages features great online resources, care of our Virtual Library, to support student learning and for those, “Did you finish all of your homework?” moments. The website is available in several languages as there is a Google Translate link on every page.

Please follow our school on Twitter @HeritagePk_TDSB for the latest and greatest real-time school updates!

Student Recognition Assemblies Return!

September is RESPECT month at Heritage Park. We will be recognizing those students who have shown character at our assembly on Friday, September 30, 2022 at 9:00 A.M. Parents, as always, are welcome to attend. We love to see you whenever we can!

Car/ Parking Lot Safety

Safety of our students is our number one priority.When dropping off your child by car, the safest place to stop is the north side of Old Finch Ave. by the Kindergarten area. Please do not use the school parking lot for picking up/dropping off children.  The parking gate is closed daily as it is only for staff use.It is very busy and a dangerous vicinity for children. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CIRCULAR DRIVEWAY. You will be ticketed. Our spacious one-way driveway is only for those who arrive by bus or require handicapped parking. Your child's safety is critical to us.

Please visit our Parking and Traffic Safety page on our school website for more school traffic safety information.

Peanut Allergies Alert

A number of our students are anaphylactic. Several of these children have severe, potentially life-threatening allergies to nuts/peanut oil. Many experts in the field suggest that prevention is the primary treatment of anaphylaxis. We believe that avoidance is the key to prevention. We ask all those who bring lunches/snacks to school to bring food that does not contain nuts or peanut products. Heritage Park students have been instructed not to share lunches and snacks.


Please have all forms returned to your classroom teacher by: Friday, September 23, 2022

Parents with emails recorded in ournew TDSB system (PowerSchool) will automatically be sent a message containing a link to complete these forms online in digital format for each of their children using a tool called “Permission Click”.Please complete these forms online (be eco-friendly 😊). There are also other paper forms which need to be completed and returned to the school in the brown envelope.  Please follow the instructions and return them to your child's/ren’s teacher in the brown envelope by Friday, September 23rd, at the latest.  It is important to have this information as soon as possible. In the brown envelope, you will also find some important information to keep at home for future reference

Food and Celebrations

The Heritage Park Public School community celebrates the birthdays of the students by announcing their birthday over the announcements. We also encourage parents to donate a book to the classroom to honour their child’s birthday and the teacher will read it to the class, or prepare a gift bag (e.g., stickers, pencils, erasers) to be given to each child in the class to be handed out at the end of the day. We ask that food items such as birthday cakes, pizza and chips not be sent to school as many children have allergies, and/or food restrictions. Food that is sent to school with students for this purpose will be returned unopened. Many children have allergies to particular food products.Some children are severely allergic to peanut products (e.g., peanut butter).Even a small amount of exposure through touch or air can be fatal within minutes. Nuts, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, wheat, milk, sesame seeds, and sulphites are also known to cause severe reactions for some students and staff.In addition, many parents like to monitor the diet of their children.

International Languages Program

ILE Program Website

Registration and First Day of ILE Classes

Registration day for the International Languages classes will be on Friday, September 16, 2022 from 5:00 pm – 7:30 p.m. Online registration is also available.

Classes will run from 5:00 pm-7:30 pm. The last day of the ILE Program: Friday, June 23, 2022

TDSB Disconnecting from Work Policy

Supporting the health and well-being of both our students and staff is a priority for us as an organization. Ensuring that our staff have healthy and professional boundaries between work and home is an important part of that commitment and is an investment in positive mental health and the ability to serve and support students. 

As part of a strategy to support and encourage all Ontarians in achieving greater work-life balance, the province passed the Working for Workers Act in December 2021. In line with that, the TDSB has developed the Disconnecting from Work Policy which sets parameters for employees’ availability (e.g., responding to emails) and supports a positive shift in our organizational culture. 

Maintaining open, responsive lines of communication with you is important and connecting with staff during regular work hours connected to the school day, Monday to Friday, is always best. This means that while you can always send emails after hours, staff will respond during their normal work hours and are not required to respond after hours.

There are, of course, certain times in the year that staff will reach out after-hours for parent-teacher meetings, or previously agreed to meetings. However, they are not expected to respond to emails or messages into the evening. It is also critical to note that student safety remains a priority and if there is an emergency after hours, staff will be available as needed.

This policy is one of a number of strategies we are employing to support our employees’ health and wellness. We appreciate your patience and support on this and we know it will make a positive difference in your school community.

Parent Concern Protocol

2 - Download the Parent Concern Protocol Poster