Highland Middle School

            Welcome to the Highland Middle School website.
As part of the Toronto District School Board, we value:

  • Respect for oneself, others and the environment. Our mantra is:

       "Respect lives at Highland each and every day!"

  • a strong public education system;
  • Students, Families and Community partnerships celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of all;
  • the commitment, experience, talents and skills of our staff;
  • Equal Access and Opportunities to accomplish positive outcomes for ALL students, 21st Century Global Competencies, Inquiry/Project-Based Learning especially in our Academy groupings once per cycle; and
  • learning spaces that are caring and safe, positive and respectful.

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Our Extra Help and Extra-curricular Activities schedules are now available.  Click on the Newsletters, Publications & Announcements tab on the left-hand side to find these documents.  As well, a Teacher Index is availabe which shows what grades and subjects a teacher teaches, along with a room number for the teacher.


Highland MS is excited to announce the new online booking system for Parent-Teacher interviews this year.

Parent-Teacher Interviews are a good opportunity for parents to meet with teachers in person and to discuss the student's progress. Progress Reports will be sent home on Monday, November 12, 2018 and parents can meet with teachers on Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm and Friday, November 16 from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

Please use the On-Line Booking System to book appointments for your Parent-Teacher Interviews. The system is open for booking between Monday, November 12, 2018 at, beginning 4:00pm to Thursday, November 15, 2018 3:00pm.

Attached you will find the user instructions for using the On-Line Booking System. The School Access Code is required to create accounts and it can be found on the email that was sent home regarding Parent-Teacher Interviews. You must also know the names of your child's teachers in order to make the appointments. They can be found on your child's timetable.


To help you make an informed decision when choosing a high school, TDSB schools host information nights for parents and grade 8 students each year between October and January. Learn everything you need to know about our incredible variety of schools, programs and courses. The dates and times for all High School Information Nights are available online at

TDSB High School Open Houses and Information Nights





Reminder to call school if your child will be late or absent

One measure of keeping our students safe is to ensure we can account for any absences or reasons for being late to school. We would like to remind you that if your child is going to be absent or late for any reason, we ask that you contact the school immediately and report the reason for the absence. If we are not informed about the absence, we will make attempts to contact you through our automated call-out system to determine the reason for the absence. To find out how this automated system works please visit http://www.tdsb.on.ca/HighSchool/CaringSafeSchools/SafeArrivalProgram.aspx

Please let the office know by calling the school if your contact information, including phone number, changes at any time throughout the school year.

Thank you for your continued cooperation to keep your children safe and accounted for.






Keeping Kids Safe: Drivers are reminded to do their part to keep children safe when dropping off to school. Please follow these tips:

NEVER stop in front of the school to drop off your child; instead, drive into the school parking lot to drop off your child

We encourage drivers to continue through the parking lot, towards the exit, before letting their kids off. This will help ease congestion.

Pull forward as much as possible before letting your child out of the car; this allows for flow of traffic in and out of the parking lot

DO NOT stop your car at the first building entrance to drop your child off! This backs up traffic on the street as other cars cannot enter.

Note: The parking is one-way only. The entrance is located on the west end of the lot and the exit is located on the east end.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



This is a friendly reminder for anyone who is dropping off a lunch for a student at Highland. Please use the front visitor entrance that faces Cliffwood Rd. (by the flagpole) and leave the lunch at the round table just outside the main office. We ask that you remind your child to check the table if he/she does not have a lunch.

TDSB High School Open House Calendar

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Parent News!

HATCH comes to Highland MS!

Program: Coding

Start/ End Date: TBD

Day of the week: TBD

Duration: 1 hour



To register your child, register at www.hatchcanada.com/schools . Use the drop-down menu to find our school, complete all fields and complete payment of $161 (HST exempt) using a credit card. You can also click on the following link: https://hatchcanada.com/signup



Interested! We encourage you to watch our Youtube video on Hatch Coding and learn more about the program in our Workshop Flyer.



• School Cash Online
We are having technical difficulties with School Cash Online Program due to the school name change. After Sep. 11th, you should choose in the school dropdown list “Highland Middle School” as your child’s school , not “Highland Jr High School”, we have extended agenda and yearbook payment till the end of September

First shot is on November 7th, for Grade 7 students only. The vaccines all Grade 7s are receiving are: Meningococcal, HPV and Hepatitis B, among them the meningococcal is mandatory. Parent consent forms went home Sep. 11, signed forms need to return by Sept. 18.

Please send an extra Epi-Pen to the school office if your child needs to carry an Epi-Pen for their allergy conditions

SPC Card
The office is selling the SPC (Student Price Card) at $10.00 each. It is a Student Discount Card that could be used at most of the major stores for an average of 10% discount. Detailed will be followed with emails

Students who consented to be part of the daily Lunch Program are not allowed to leave school to purchase lunch. You could order through this TDSB approved vendor “online through www.Thelunchlady.ca or order weekly pizza through School Cash Online

• Lunch Drop-Off
There is a table outside the main office labelled Lunch Drop Off, please drop off the lunch(please label the lunch bag) on that table and remind your children to check that table if they didn’t have their lunch with them from the morning

Breakfast Program 
The Breakfast program will start Monday, September 18th in the Cafeteria