Home Study


At Highland we ask parents to pose the question to students "How are you going to use your home study time tonight?" with the expectation that some time will be spent doing school work each week night and some time on the weekend. The use of an agenda planner is highly recommended as a tool for student organization and communication with parents.

Activities during home study time could include:

  • working on assigned homework
  • completing classwork
  • catching up on work missed through absence
  • organizing a study schedule
  • organizing notes
  • reviewing notes taken in class that day or that week
  • recopying notes which are messy
  • preparing study cards even before being notified of a test
  • studying for tests or exams
  • preparing questions to ask at extra-help sessions or in class when review for atest is being conducted
  • working on long-term projects or essays or other assignments
  • practising a musical instrument or keyboarding skills
  • reading a book, a newspaper, a magazine
  • reviewing French vocabulary
  • practising math questions previously covered from the textbook, or given as test samples
  • studying maps from history or geography and diagrams from science
  • working on an art assignment
  • working to improve handwriting
  • building vocabulary. Select a new word each night to learn. Parents can quiz students and encourage the use of new words during the week.
  • writing something - a story, a log, a journal, a poem, a paragraph, a letter, a persuasive argument, an opinion