Code of Student Behaviour



Code of Conduct


 At Highland Middle School we believe that everyone is entitled to a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment, where respect for self, others, property, and the environment is as important as academic learning.

 An important aim of the school is to help students develop self-discipline so that they can become productive, mature and responsible members of society. This Code of Behaviour has been developed by staff, students and parents in partnership, with the expectation that the general rules for the school are understood and followed. It reflects the Code of Behaviour established by the Toronto District School Board.

To achieve optimum success, students are expected to:

  • attend and be punctual
  • prepare for and participate in the learning process
  • respect the rights of others

To ensure a secure, healthy, and clean facility, students are expected to:

  • take responsibility for the security of their own property including all personal communication devices and money
  • show care and respect for the property of the Board and of others
  • observe the TDSB policy of a smoke-free environment

Progressive Discipline

Highland is committed to the belief that individuals are responsible for their behaviour and must be prepared to accept the consequence(s) for their actions. Consequences for infractions of the Code of Behaviour may include any of the following:

  • Discussion with a teacher, member of the support staff, vice-principal or principal
  • Attendance/performance/behaviour contracts
  • Time Out
  • Reflection Sheet
  • Parental contact and involvement in applying an appropriate remedy
  • Loss of privilege to participate in specified school activities
  • Peer mediation
  • Individual or group counselling
  • Detention
  • Restitution for damage or stolen property
  • Community service
  • Restorative practices

General School Rules

  • Keep hands, feet and body to yourself
  • Use all forms of technology appropriately at all times
  • No running in the hallways
  • Food and beverages should only be consumed in the cafeteria unless you have received permission to do so in another location
  • Students should only be at the lockers at the specified times or with a hall pass
  • All individuals must adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • Do not touch or take things that do not belong to you
  • Leave nature (e.g., snow, pinecones, mud) on the ground
  • All individuals must adhere to the TDSB’s anti-bullying policies
  • No chewing gum
  • Backpacks must be kept in lockers at all times

Electronic Device Policy

  • Students are responsible for their electronic devices
  • Devices should not be visible, powered-on, or used by individuals during class instructional time unless the teacher has indicated otherwise
  • NO devices including headphones are to be turned on or visible and in use also headphones are not to be in ears or on the head
  • Respectful usage of devices is permitted before school, lunch, and after school
  • The taking of pictures without permission is not permitted
  • Devices include iPods, MP3 and media devices, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, electronic translators, e-readers

Dress Code Policy

  • Clothing should be appropriate for the school environment and should reflect the positive learning tone of the school
  • Outerwear (e.g., jackets, coats) is to be kept in lockers and not worn during the school day in the building
  • Clothing must cover all parts of any undergarment, midriff, navel, back, and cleavage areas
  • See-through or extremely tight-fitting clothing is not appropriate for the school environment
  • Shorts and skirts must extend down the length of your arm to the tip of your thumb or be a modest length at staff discretion
  • Slogans, language and pictures on clothing and accessories should reflect the positive tone of the school and should not be offensive to any group in the greater community
  • Any headgear, such as caps, hats, bandanas, hoodies, and headgear worn for religious purposes are permitted to be worn on the head and in the school.




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