Monday, June 13, 2022 08:59 PM

Congratulations on Your Accomplishments

Please join me in congratulating our Young Voices Short Story Winner and our Math Gauss Competition Winners!

Young Voices Magazine 2022 edition-Short Story Winner Mhanaz H. Mhanaz wrote a short story in French and won.  Her piece will be published in this year's edition. 

Please see the summary below:

Summary: Je Me Suis Perdue is a French Short Story that follows Daryna, a girl who is on the flee with many from her town that is being bombed and is in flames. On the run, she realizes that she has lost her mother, and loses every hope she’s ever had. She tries to run but cannot despite hearing her mother’s voice in her brain encouraging her to keep going. Seeing that her land is burning, she decides to burn with it and surrenders to the flames. 

In the end, it is revealed that Daryna’s story was just from a book being read by someone.

Inspiration: The effect of war on children and families is one that is not often talked about. With Je Me Suis Perdue, I wanted the reader to really feel Daryna’s pain, sadness, and hopelessness while adding a shock factor to the story’s ending. As someone who comes from a country where there is war, I understand the pain and suffering of innocent Ukrainians, and I would like others to have an understanding of their situation as well. We are all part of one world, and it is each of our responsibilities to know what is going on in it.

Written By: Mhanaz H 7/8D

Gauss Math Competition Winners!!                                                                  Young Voices Magazine Winner.jpg 

Grade 7

First place:  Xiran B                                                                                                Gr. 7 Math Competition Winner.jpg  Gr. 7 Math Competition Winner.jpg2.jpg 

Second place:  Danielle J, Bryan Z

Third place:  Sharon K, Morris W

Grade 8

First place:  Angela S                                                                                                 Grade 8 Math Competition Winner.jpg 

Second place:  Cynthia Z

Third place:  Adam Z



Principal- K. Kandankery