Educational Partnerships

Rotman brings Integrative Thinking into K-12 classrooms

The I-Think Initiative brings Integrative Thinking - a core theme in the MBA programs at the Rotman School - into the elementary and secondary school classrooms. I-Think works with educators, schools and school boards who wish to enhance curriculum and expose their students to problem solving strategies that can better equip them to face challenging problems.

MaRS has partnered with the Toronto District School Board 

to embed entrepreneurial thinking and youth entrepreneurship in the kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum.
The current school system is built upon an industrial mass-production model that often disengages students and teachers, and it is this problem that we are trying to solve. Our hope is that experiential self-directed learning will re-engage students and teachers and move our schools toward mass customization for a 21st-century knowledge-based economy.

Entrepreneurial thinking guides students and teachers to build ideas and collaborations that improve their own lives, schools and communities. It also inspires them to discover entrepreneurship as a career opportunity and to tackle societal challenges such as climate change and social inequity.