Parents want the best education for their children. Our goal is to provide your family with a positive learning environment, with a variety of programs and services that promote outstanding student achievement.

Parents are children's first and life-long teachers. We value the partnership between home and school and know that parental involvement is the key to success in school. You can be involved by helping your child with homework, volunteering in our school, or joining our school council. By welcoming you and providing opportunities for you to be involved, we can work together to ensure that our students receive the very best education.


Volunteer Opportunities at Islington Junior Middle School

Instructions for Police Records Check Information 

To volunteer at Islington JMS - even to accompany your child's class on a field trip, a valid Police Reference Check must be completed. Once the initial Reference check is complete you must complete the Annual Offence Declaration Form. 

If you do not have a reference check: 

Please complete a Reference Check Form (print as a legal document) or pick up from the school office. 
Attach a certified cheque or money order made payable to Toronto Police Services for $20.00 or a cheque for the same amount made payable to ISLINGTON JMS.

Submit the form and the payment to the School Office. 

If you have had a reference check in the past you need to complete the declaration online with the principal in the school office. 

Volunteer Driver Form 

Volunteer drivers are sometimes used at Islington JMS especially for chauffeuring our teams to various sports events. 
Please complete the form at the school office and submit it with: 

A copy of your driver’s license 
A copy of you Insurance form 

Parent Volunteer Form

We love volunteers in our school and classrooms and welcome all parents, guardians and grandparents. If you are interested in helping out at Islington JMS, please print, fill out this form and return it to the school office.