Nourishing our Children

It’s simple: when children are hungry, they can’t focus, and if they can’t focus, they can’t learn. That’s why more than 750 school-based Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs) provide over 170,000 nutritious meals every school day. Here, students eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, or a snack so that they can focus on learning rather than hunger.

Islington JMS offers the Morning Meal Program to all of our students. The Morning meal is distributed before morning recess. The morning meal program consists of the three food groups recommended by the Canada Food Guide.
  • a serving of vegetables or fruit
  • a serving of a whole wheat grain
  • a serving of milk or alternative

Although we receive funding from provincial and municipal grants, these funds cover only a small percentage of the cost of running the program. ALL donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.

General weekly menu: 






Cereal/trail mix (Cheerios/Shreddies/dried cranberries/raisins Clementines

Premium Plus crackers (whole wheat)

Cheese strings

Cherry tomatoes/sliced cucumbers

Ranch dip

Pitas (cut up into triangles-whole wheat) Baby carrots Hummus

Mini bagels (whole wheat)


Jam/cream cheese/butter for spreading


Triskets (low sodium)

Marble cheese slices

assortment of fruit, veg,whole grain, milk and milk alternative