JDP EcoSchool

Since 2006, John D. Parker Junior School has been a certified Gold EcoSchool. We are excited to announce that we are currently one of the few schools across the Toronto District School Board to become a certified Platinum EcoSchool- the highest award that can be achieved! This is now our fourteenth year as a certified EcoSchool and we have maintained our standing because of the overwhelming support from parents, students, staff, and our strong community partnerships and we thank you!

Did you know that Wednesday, April 22 marked the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day? With that said, being inside these past few weeks have made us appreciate our great outdoors even more. Keeping that in mind, we hope that as a family, you think about the choices that you make and how it may have an impact on our environment. Simple acts, such as reducing the garbage you make by recycling or composting, saving energy by turning off your lights, conserving water by turning off your taps brings us one step closer to protecting our green spaces, our air, and water and ultimately minimizes our carbon footprint. 

If you are looking for ways and more information on how to participate virtually in Earth Day celebrations this year, please visit the following website:

Earth Day Live

Now, here's your chance, as a family to continue to make a difference and make

Earth Day, Every Day!

Your Eco-friendly Committee