Mrs Cervini


Music- At John D Parker all students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, receive musical instruction from Ms. Cervini. Under the instruction of our music teacher, Mrs.Cervini, we also hold annual school concerts. 

At John D Parker we are proud of our vibrant music program. We have a dedicated music room which houses many percussion instruments including African drums and xylophones. Music lessons combine a high level of musicianship with literacy and social skills.


At John D Parker we are enthusiastic about the arts! This is a theme evident in our school song seen here below.

JDP Mission and Song

Here at JDP, our mission is a song,

Learning together,
Day by day,
Helping each other,
Along the way.
We are one big family,
JDP's the place to be.
We will learn together,
At work and play,
Knowing that we're special,
In every way.
Voices united,
Growing strong,
JDP's where we belong.