Academic Programs

The Academic programme for students with M.I.D. aims to outfit students with the knowledge and skills required for work and independent living. The remediation, reteaching, and developing of compensatory skills in literacy are emphasized. These objectives cross curricular lines and underpin not only English classes, but Math, History, Geography, Science, and Law curriculum as well. Selected students, and most Grade 9s, have a daily 15 minute session at the Academy of Reading, an internationally recognized computer programme for reading remediation. Assistive technology, for example, text to speech software, provides additional support for students with extremely low decoding skills. Numeracy skills needed for independent living and employment are central to Math curricula. Cross-curricular collaborations between Tech and Academic teachers produce meaningful academic course content that supports the literacy and numeracy demands of the hands-on shops at Maplewood. Building on student success, one small success at a time, is the guiding precept of the Academic Department.

Co-Curricular Programs

Maplewood offers a full complement of co-curricular activities meeting the diverse needs and interests of our students. Students can choose from any number of clubs in the area of arts, music, dance, fitness and sport. For those wishing to try competitive athletics we participate in interschool leagues and tournaments in team and individual sports.

Guidance Department – Student Support

Our aim is to help all Maplewood students, from before they arrive, during their time here, and as they move on. We make sure all students feel supported and valued throughout their time at our school.

The Guidance department is open each day from 8.30am until after school. We encourage students to make an appointment to see us regarding any issue they would like to talk about.

These are many issues we deal with regularly. Students come to see us when:

  • They want information about their classes or programs of work
  • They want to plan for and change their classes
  • They have issues about friendships, both in and out of school
  • They need information concerning outside services i.e. Dental programs, Food banks
  • They are interested in summer school programs
  • They are making plans for their future after Maplewood i.e. careers, other schools, Community Living
  • They are curious about after school programs
  • Similarly we are always happy to speak to parents and guardians about any of these issues.
We work very closely with community partners. They are welcome in school to work with students on a regular or ‘one-off’ basis. We feel that it is important for us to be pro-active, and we are always looking to initiate new programs and ideas. A recent example is workshops led by T.E.A.R. (Teenagers Ending Abusive Relationships).

We also liaise between students, staff and outside professionals ensuring that appointments are made and kept. We run the workshops concerning ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). Many of our students are eligible to apply for employment and pension supports and work within the supportive framework of Community Living. The Guidance department is active in this area by inviting all parents / guardians into school to find out more about this program.

Our role includes overseeing all the IEP’s (Individual Education Plan) for each student in the school. We also convene IPRC (Identification, Placement and Review Committee) meetings at the appropriate time.

Guidance is a safe space in the building and all students are encouraged to come to speak to us about anything. We encourage students to make an appointment, at lunchtime or after school, with the Guidance secretary to see one of the teachers; however if the student needs to speak to one of us right away we also accommodate this.

Physical Education, Health & Wellness

Maplewood High School Health and Physical Education Department offers courses emphasizing regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promote lifelong healthy active living. Students will learn movement skills and principles, ways to improve personal fitness and physical competence, and safety and injury prevention. Students will investigate issues related to healthy sexuality and relationships, substance use and abuse, and personal safety. They will participate in activities designed to develop goal-setting, informed decision-making, communication and social and employability skills. Maplewood also offers a senior specialist course in Leadership and Fitness.

Tech Programs

Maplewood High School Tech programs provide an alternative curriculum offering a hands-on learning experience, connecting Academic content to aid in the development of Life Skills required for success in the community.

Tech programs offered include: Cosmetology, Business and Computer Studies, Family Studies, Parenting, Sewing, Integrated Technology, Construction, Transportation, Horticulture, Maintenance, Comm Tech and Woodworking.

Tansition to Work Programs

the student swipes floorMaplewood High School offers our students employability skills necessary for the world of work through in-school co-op courses and co-op opportunites in the community.  To ensure successful workplace experiences in the communiy we offer TTC training and job coach support.  It is hoped these co-op experiences will help our students make the transition to employment and independent living.


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